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0 Comments | Dec 05, 2017

I Fixed It for You

Have you ever been stuck in traffic, waiting and waiting to go straight through a light, while a left turn lane sits unused next to you? One man in China decided to do something about it. Tired of long delays on his daily commute to work, he decided to repaint the road markings at one intersection along the route his bus takes. The man waited, paintbrush in hand, on the side of the road. When he saw his opening, he went to the left turn lane and painted an additional forward-facing arrow.


Of course the entire endeavor was captured on camera, which made it easy for police to find the man. Workers have repainted the road and the man has been fined the equivalent of $151. While we admire his creativity, he also created a very dangerous situation that could have resulted in a serious accident. That’s why in China, as in the US, road signs are not a do-it-yourself business.





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