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0 Comments | Jul 05, 2018

Great White Shark off the Coast of Atlantic City

Shark Sighted No Swimming SignA boat crew fishing for mako sharks off the coast of Atlantic City found themselves face-to-face with an even more horrifying predator: a great white shark.

According to one fishermen, the six-foot juvenile-age shark was hooked by accident and subsequently released about 10 miles from the AC shore near the Robert Walker shipwreck. While not an officially protected species, it’s illegal to fish for and capture great white sharks in NJ waters. As soon as the crew realized what they had, they cut it loose immediately.

Sharks are common in the Atlantic Ocean off New Jersey because of a robust seal population. Unlike the monster portrayed in the film Jaws, shark attacks in the area are few and far between. The seals provide enough food for the sharks and therefore they hardly swim close to the shoreline in search of something to eat.

If sharks are sighted along the shore, however, there are procedures in place to warn the public. Look for warning signs such as Shark Sighted No Swimming and specific beach flags to indicate if the water is safe or not.


USA Today