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0 Comments | Oct 19, 2018

Taking Get Off My Lawn To New Levels

Private Property No Trespassing SignOne Virginia man is bringing the old musty phrase “get off of my lawn” to new heights. Bryan Tucker put an electric fence adorned with No Trespassing Signs right near a spot where students wait for the school bus.

Tucker erected the fence because for the past year, kids have been trespassing and littering on his property. While some may view it as extreme, Tucker says those students don’t respect other peoples’ land. Every day he goes outside and picks up trash left behind by students waiting for the bus.

Tucker connected the fence to a solar-powered battery and was a foot or so away from his street in Henrico County. One of Tucker’s neighbors, and father of a student, said he felt a “slight shock” when he went near the fence.

Obviously this type of hazard wasn’t going to last long. Police were called shortly after it was erected and county workers were brought in to survey the property.

Just a few hours after he put it up, they found that the fence was actually on the county’s right of way. So Tucker was forced to take it down.

When asked if he was going to put the fence back up, Tucker was optimistic that it wasn’t needed.

“The message has gotten out, I’m pretty sure, to everybody,” he said. “The point’s gotten across.”