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0 Comments | Mar 21, 2018

Feeling the Need for Speed

Itching to put the pedal to the metal? You may want to consider moving to Texas where you can drive so fast that you wouldn’t even be able to read the 85 mph speed limit sign. For slower drivers, Nebraska recently joined six other states offering a top speed of 80 mph – a 5 mph increase aimed at offering a faster travel time.

Although cutting down on time spent behind the wheel is sure to resonate with anyone required to make a daily commute, the actual savings don’t amount to much. Maintaining any rate of speed is much harder than it sounds. Even if you remove all stops from your commute, there’s bound to be faster and slower drivers that have to adjust to one another.

Hypothetically, if you somehow managed to maintain a speed of 80 mph over 50 miles, you’d only reach your destination 2 ½ minutes faster than your previous time at 75 mph. The question then arises: is it even worth increasing the speed limit in the first place? I guess it depends on how much you hate your commute.

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