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0 Comments | Dec 08, 2017

Don’t Sack the Sign

We’ve all seen the drivers who blatantly ignore the flashing yellow lights that notify drivers they need to slow down in school zones. Whatever the reason for their actions, it’s an issue that we likely won’t be able to fully solve until we’re all using self-driving cars, or until a hero comes along.

Sam Balto may be that hero. He’s a physical education teacher at a Boston elementary school who had enough and took matters into his own hands. He teamed up with WalkBoston, a non-profit devoted to ensuring that Boston is a walkable city and together they launched an experiment.

Balto took two cut-outs of Tom Brady’s head and put them on the top of an in-street crossing sign. He tweeted that “He is so good looking. Cars will have to slow down for him.”  For Balto, the choice of Tom Brady went beyond his looks. He sees this as a way to get people to think about the safety of those crossing the street much like Bill Belichick would make adjustments to keep his quarterback safe during the course of a game.

So far the experiment seems to be working. Balto says that drivers are speeding less and many are slowing down to get a good look at the photo of Tom Brady. Maybe we’ll start seeing trends like this pop up in other towns and cities across the country. Just make sure to choose the person wisely. Eli Manning likely wouldn’t have the same effect in Boston.