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0 Comments | Sep 07, 2018

Cracking Down on School Zone Speeding

School Zone Sign

School Zone Sign

School is back in session and that means police will be enforcing school zones a lot more closely.

Enforcement operations generally occur during rush hour, but you should be on the lookout for children regardless of whether or not you see police officers patrolling the area.

When school is in session and you have pedestrians in the vicinity, make sure you are slowing down and matching school zone speeds. According to several reports, most offenders are caught speedingĀ or not properly yielding right of way to pedestrians or other cars. When coupled, that can be a very dangerous mix.

In just one day, Santa Maria police issued 29 citations and four warnings to those speeding within school zones and the neighborhoods surrounding the school. Local police are hoping that, in addition to multiple School Zone Signs, their presence continues to have a positive impact.

As a further deterrent, Brooklyn, and many other cities, are installing cameras to catch violators exceeding the speed limit. Those caught by Brooklyn’s cameras will be slapped with a $50 ticket. Their bill, which was signed the day before city schools opened, is currently enforced at 140 school zones across the borough.

Considering there are 1.1 million students within Brooklyn’s city limits, this could be a critical step in keeping students, school staff, and families safe. For naysayers who suggest cameras are just an easy way for the city to make money, the Department of Transportation responded by sharing data that traffic injuries were reduced by 17 percent and speeding in school zones has decreased by 63 percent since installation. Furthermore, 81 percent of drivers who received one speed camera-related ticket never get another.

If you’ve ever come across a school zone and didn’t know when where it started or concluded, we wrote a guide to help you traverse the area.