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0 Comments | Aug 10, 2017

City Hopes Swimming Safety Signs Decrease Water Rescues

After several people were recovered and rescued this summer in the Chattahoochee River, the city of Columbus, Georgia is posting more safety signs near the river to try and prevent the need for these water rescues.

Columbus has a City Ordinance that requires everyone to wear personal flotation devices in the Chattahoochee River between certain parts. However that law can’t help the people who frequent the area if they aren’t aware of it, and that seems to be a large part of the issue.

Signs informing visitors of this ordinance were already posted, but several problems have hindered their effectiveness. Some have been vandalized, others have been torn down, and sign placement may have been too far from the river.  These new swimming safety signs aim to explain the Personal Flotation Device City Ordinance better than current signs and will be placed in new areas to keep reinforcing the message with the hope that people will consistently see them and heed the warnings.





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