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0 Comments | Mar 30, 2018

Caution: Beware of Wall

If there’s a story behind every sign, there has to be a marvelously creative one behind the Custom Safety Sign reading “beware of wall.” Without knowing anything more about its inception or reason for being, we’re going to speculate on some of the possibilities:

  1. Someone ran face first into the wall.
  2. After running a root cause analysis, management decided to take action before a problem occurred.
  3. Someone complained that there wasn’t a sign warning personnel of the wall.
  4. The forklift in the background of the photo has hit the wall one too many times.
  5. Someone has invested dozens of hours playing Dark Souls and now goes around leaving helpful messages for unsuspecting victims.

With all of the possibilities, it must be asked: if there’s a beware of wall sign at this facility, is it a stretch to believe that there’s a “beware of sign” sign?

One may never know.

A yellow and black caution: beware of wall sign.

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