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0 Comments | Jan 15, 2019

Car Towed After “No Parking” Sign Installed Overnight

If you’re like us, you’re paranoid about where you park your car because a fine is always lurking in the shadows. Maybe you’re too close to a hydrant, stopped near a No Parking Sign that is hidden in shrubbery, or a few inches too close to the end of the road.

If that sounds anything like you, this story will likely give you a headache.

Nicole Laveglia, a Queens resident, told local news outlets that after parking her car in the same spot she’s been parking in for over a decade, it was towed without warning. Laveglia watched as her car was hauled away by the New York City Police Department tow truck. Right next to her parking spot was a new No Parking Sign that had been installed about two hours prior to the tow.

Along with the hassle of not having a car, she also has $300 in fines to deal with. Since her parking spot was legal when she left the car there and illegal a few hours later, Laveglia is, understandably, fighting the ticket in court and aims to get the towing fees back.

Of the incident, Laveglia said:

“It’s a headache, it’s a hassle. I just feel like I was robbed.”

The signs were removed from a nearby corner by workers who dug them right out of the ground just a few days later.

“They just said that it was a mistake,” Laveglia said.

CBS New York

Local surveillance footage with timestamps shows the installation at 9 a.m. and the tow at 10:44 a.m. When CBS New York asked the local Department of Transportation what was being done about the situation, the department said it was “working . . . to address her concerns.” We live it up to you to decide what that actually means.