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0 Comments | Nov 30, 2018

Over 4,000 Christmas Lights Cover This Car

Many people decorate their homes for the holidays. Next to nobody decorates their car for the holidays; except Fernardo Acosta of California. He puts everyone else to shame with his 4,000 light spectacle.

Mr. Acosta likes Christmas in ways I can’t fathom. I also can’t figure out if his car is a work of art or a monstrosity on wheels. Either way, the holiday spirit surges with each light pulsation and has captured the attention of everyone nearby.

Fox 5 San Diego reports that Acosta’s Nissan Altima has 4,000 lights on it. Remarkably, they’re only held together with tape. Even more remarkable, he drives the car around his home city of Escondido, California. It’s hard to imagine seeing this festival driving around your neighborhood and not being distracted if you’re also on the road. For this reason alone, he’ll likely be pulled over. Nevertheless, as he tells it, he’s a little upset that his car only held 4,000 lights:

“I couldn’t put any more – need more space,” Acosta said in a Facebook comment. […]

Acosta is known for taking his flashy ride to church on the 1500 block of Redwood Street during the holidays.

It’s also a big hit at the school where he drops of his kids and at other places around the San Diego County neighborhood. […]

“My 5-year-old saw it the other night in the Target shopping center and he thought it was amazing and so happy to see it!,” Sofia Espino said. “Thank you hope I can show him up close soon.”

As hard as it might be, if you happen to see Mr. Acosta and his Altima, make sure you keep your eyes on the road. The last thing anyone needs is a distracted driver blowing through a Stop Sign and causing an accident.


Car with 4,000 Christmas lights seen driving in North County

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