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0 Comments | Dec 01, 2017

Can You See That Sign Now?

Motorists in Lauderdale County, Alabama will soon discover the eye catching safety benefits of newly installed reflective strips on sign posts across the county.

Over the past few months the Lauderdale County Road Department has been installing prismatic reflective strips on all traffic sign posts, starting with those in high traffic areas with low visibility. These new strips are designed to increase visibility of the sign by drawing the attention of the driver and making their eyes follow the reflective strip up the post to the sign at the top. This encourages drivers to read the sign with the hope of making roadways safer.

Red reflective panels have been the most widely used at this point but that isn’t the only color choice. Other colors available for these reflective strips include white to match most regulatory traffic signs, fluorescent yellow-green to match school zone and the commonly used pedestrian crossing diamond sign, as well as a yellow color to match diamond shaped warning signs.

The county commissioner has been very impressed by how they grab your attention and can’t imagine how anyone can miss them considering how they direct light back towards the driver.

Time will tell how much of an impact they’ve made but for now, the county engineer believes they will have a huge impact.






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