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0 Comments | Nov 12, 2018

Bus Smashes Car Into Crosswalk

Imagine you’re following the rules of the road when out of nowhere a bus comes barreling into you. There’s likely very little more frustrating and terrifying than this type of situation. Unfortunately for an Audi driver in Kazan, Russia, this scenario played out first hand.

The dashcam video below clearly shows a red public transport bus driving through a red light and into the Audi driver. While it was raining, it wasn’t bad enough to impact the bus driver’s line of sight or ability to slow down in time for the red light. At least from this perspective, it seems likely that the bus driver wasn’t paying attention to the road.

Here in NJ, where is located, we operate under the assumption that at least two cars will run a light after it turns red. Depending on the area, the number of cars can be even more. This isn’t to say that the Audi driver was to blame, because he clearly had the green light, but for self-preservation purposes it’s always wise to pay attention to crossing traffic. It might also be a good idea to not launch from every green light like you’re Lewis Hamilton.

However, what might be most terrifying is that the bus simply pushes the Audi through the roadway and into a pedestrian crosswalk (to the point where one individual had to turn and run away). If the accident occurred just a second or two later, or if the pedestrian wasn’t paying attention, the crash could have been much worse.

It’s not clear if anyone was injured in the accident or off camera, but it doesn’t appear to be the case.

If nothing else, this is a constant reminder that just because you have the green light doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check for crossing traffic. Likewise, just because there is a Pedestrian Crossing Sign doesn’t mean drivers will actually stop for you.

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