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0 Comments | Nov 26, 2018

Infamous Bridge Mauls Another Vehicle

There’s a bridge in Durham, North Carolina that completely devastates truck drivers who aren’t paying attention. The 11 foot, 8 inch bridge is notorious for claiming drivers on a monthly basis.

The bridge has become pretty famous thanks to a popular YouTube channel that’s sole purpose is to showcase trucks being ripped open like a can of tuna. The videos are actually quite fascinating and baffling because there’s a number of warnings prior to drivers even reaching the bridge. Just watch for yourself:

Each video starts similar to the one above and in each video you can clearly see drivers ignoring a giant flashing sign that reads OVERHEIGHT MUST TURN, two custom traffic signs reading 11’ – 8”, and bright yellow reflective tape outlining the lowest point of the bridge.

It’s completely possible that people somehow fail to see the two smaller signs, but there really doesn’t seem to be a strong case for how they can avoid seeing the giant blinking sign. Maybe they don’t realize what “overheight” means (according to, it’s a made up word).

Based on all of the available videos, it seems like the 11 foot 8 inch bridge is something of a crisis in Durham. If all of the blaringly obvious warnings aren’t working, maybe it’s time to raise the bridge a couple of inches.

If the city decides they’ve done enough, which, honestly, they have, at least we can count on really horrendous drivers providing us with entertaining and enlightening footage.



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