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0 Comments | Jun 21, 2018

Amazon Warehouse Safety Concerns

A yellow and black caution watch for forklifts sign

From drones to driver-less cars, Amazon is the face of futuristic package deliveries. However, it looks like some research and development could be used elsewhere. New data suggests that Amazon’s warehouses not only need improvements, they need better overall working conditions.

Using the Freedom of Information Act, news outlets reported that ambulances have been called to Amazon’s UK warehouses no less than 600 times in just the last three years. Some of these calls are directly attributed to the amount of stress employees undergo. Other common calls, meanwhile, were due to breathing problems, chest pains, and worker injury.

To give you an idea of how high these figures are, one Amazon warehouse in Rugeley, Staffordshire, called for ambulances 115 times between 2015 and 2017. Over the same period of time, paramedics attended a nearby Tesco warehouse of the same size just eight times. The numbers are alarming, but so are the depictions of life in an Amazon warehouse. Working for the company has been called “soul destroying” and like “living in a prison.” A worker reported feeling “like a trapped animal.”

While work stress is nothing new, these descriptions suggest pressure at an Amazon warehouse is taken to new heights. The ambulance calls aren’t just for work related stressors though, many of them were made on behalf of an injured employee. How the injuries occurred weren’t exactly clear, but it’s obvious that Amazon needs to make improvements on this front as well.

Considering how forward thinking Amazon is with their products and delivery methods, they can certainly find ways to improve safety concerns. Even without delving into science-fiction-like improvements, they can utilize Warehouse Signs to improve safety awareness. Seeing as they’re the world’s second most valuable company, Amazon has more than enough resources to make advances in work conditions and safety.