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0 Comments | Mar 16, 2018

A Sign for a Sign

On a sliding scale of minor crime to Dr. Evil levels of nefariousness, stealing yard signs belonging to a rival Board of Commissioners candidate doesn’t rank very high. Nevertheless, that isn’t stopping a man from being charged with misdemeanor theft.

Police in the West Lawn neighborhood of Chicago watched as a man, wire cutters in hand, approached yard signs and began cutting them down. After arresting him, officers found a number of custom-made political signs in his car. The act isn’t random though. The man is a campaign staffer for a rival politician and was stealing the signs as an act of support for his chosen candidate.

While a spokeswoman made it clear they don’t support the man’s behavior, she was also quick to point out that the opposition has been stealing their custom-made signs as well. This ongoing issue likely won’t be resolved any time soon; especially when each campaign views this as an eye for an eye – or in this case a sign for a sign.