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0 Comments | Sep 02, 2011

7.1 Earthquake in Alaska Causes Tsunami Warning

An amazing 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck Alaska on Friday, September 2nd.  The US Geographical Survey said it struck the Aleutian Islands promoting a tsunami warning for Alaska’s coast.  It is imperative that the people of Alaska prepare like the Northeast coast did last week and familiarize themselves with evacuation safety signs.

Alaska Earthquake

Alaska Earthquake

The danger signs the earth has been showing around the world lately are quite frightening.  This earthquake, which struck around 6:55am ET, comes shortly after a devastating hurricane, flash flooding, tornadoes, and other tsunamis around the world.

There have been no reports of injuries and the tsunami warning for the coastal area of Alaska has been canceled.  The area in which the earthqauake in Alaska hit is not heavily populated and was 107 miles southeast of Alta Alaska.

This happens to be the second largest earthquake in the area this summer, while there was one in June of 7.2.