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0 Comments | Apr 20, 2012

Video Of Birds hitting Plane – Delta Flight 1063

Video of Birds Hitting Delta Plane in New York

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New video footage of the birds hitting Delta Flight 1063 has been released.    The Delta flight that made the emergency landing at New York’s JFK International airport, sucked in a flock of birds on the starboard side of the airplane.

You can actually view some of the footage when the event took place and following the incident.  The Delta flight was originally headed for Los Angeles but was able to safety return to JFK after experiencing an engine malfunction.

The passengers heard a loud grinding noise and the cabin began to fill with smoke following the incident.  Everyone stayed calm thanks to the work of the Delta crew.

Birds striking planes are fairly common, with over 2,000 birds striking planes at JFK alone.  In 2009, a similar situation happened when Captain Chesley Sullenberger safely landed his plane in the Hudson after it lost power from both engines from hitting a flock of geese.

It was reassuring that the Delta flight landed safely.


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