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0 Comments | May 12, 2017

Utah’s New Sign Law For Bars And Restaurants

A new law in Utah went into effect this Tuesday, that requires restaurant and bar owners to hang signs in a conspicuous location that identifies their establishment as a bar or a restaurant.  State law states that in order for a place to be considered a restaurant, it must receive 70% of sales from serving food.

The new law requires a sign that’s at least the size of standard letter paper to display: “This premise is licensed as a RESTAURANT not a bar” sign, or “This premise is licensed as a BAR not a restaurant” sign.

State officials say the purpose of this law is to help customers avoid confusion as to which establishment offers what services. However, some worry that patrons may become confused as to what each establishment offers. Some customers may think bars only serve alcohol and question if a restaurant such as a pizzeria is capable of serving alcohol.

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The repercussions for not displaying these signs, could result in having the liquor license suspended or a fine.

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