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0 Comments | May 30, 2012

Using Fungi to Clean NYC Newtown Creek of Toxins

Between the NYC Boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens is a flowing river of waste and toxins dating back 150 years.  It has received toxins from petrochemical plants, fertilizer factories and other industries that embellish along the NYC banks.

The Environmental Protection Agency designated the creek a Superfund site in 2010 which in turn triggered a lengthy evaluation and clean up.  Some local groups have begun experimenting with some innovative methods to break down the contaminants in the creek.

Some of these techniques include the use of fungus – It is believed that the fungi can clean the waters molecules.  These groups are experimenting by using nature for its own clean-up process.  Some filter feeders can remove contaminants from water and can neutralize harmful molecules.

These type of Superfund clean ups can last for year’s so the clean-up and restoration of Newtown Creek is just the beginning.


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