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0 Comments | Jul 25, 2017

Traffic Signs Are Not D.I.Y. Projects

From Virginia to China, hanging your own traffic signs is illegal. That doesn’t mean people haven’t tried it.

Homeowners in Virginia Beach have taken it upon themselves to try to keep beachgoers from parking in front of their homes. They’ve been hanging illegal No Parking signs, which are not enforceable on public streets. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some homeowners have posted signs welcoming beach parking. Either way, the signs are illegal and the city allows homeowners 7 days to remove them before issuing citations.

An art student in Beijing put up custom street signs with his name on unmarked residential roads as a school project. Map apps began picking up on the name in 2014, and eventually it spread to Google Maps and Apple Maps. A year later, Beijing’s roadworks authority started using the name too. Due to rezoning, the signs were finally discovered and removed, but for four years he fooled everyone.