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0 Comments | Oct 04, 2017

Stay Out, Stay Alive

When you see a Restricted Access sign or No Entry sign, it’s in your best interest to take heed. At a minimum, you’ll be avoiding the legal hassles involved with trespassing.  More importantly, they could be in place to keep you away from dangerous environments or situations.


Time after time, we hear about the tragic consequences of people who didn’t understand or willfully ignored these signs.  Recently an 11 year old boy perished when he fell in an Italian volcanic crater. Both of his parents chased after him and also passed away. With other recent events, like wildfires and rockslides, you may see sections of forests or national parks made unavailable for obvious safety reasons. Following several devastating hurricanes there will be other dangers, such as structural damage or mold.


Signs warning of these dangers are in place for a reason. Please take them seriously for your own health and well being.