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0 Comments | Oct 09, 2017 Introduces New Lockout Tagout Products has long been a leader in safety signage for workplace hazards.  As part of our continuing effort to make workplaces safer for employees, we have completely revamped our lockout products offering, adding new lockout safety signs, lockout labels, lockout tags, and Master Lock lockout devices.

In order to meet the demands of safety managers, we have created all new ANSI Z535 lockout signs based on proven warning messages.  Additionally, we have introduced a brand new 3-way lockout station sign that allows workers to easily find where lockout devices are stored. This type of sign can be clearly seen when approaching the lockout station from any direction.

New lockout labels that serve as a lockout reminder on the machine or equipment have also been added.  Customers can now order many of their favorite lockout safety signs as labels in small sizes such as 5 x 3.5” and 7 x 5”.They can also choose one of our new lockout point labels that enable workers to quickly identify the lockout point of a machine.

Our selection of lockout tags has also been updated to reflect growing trends in this market. We offer new legends that clearly indicate that the equipment energy source is locked out and no attempt should be made to operate the equipment, and we now carry photo lockout tags.  Photo lockout tags allow a worker to add a photo of themselves to the tag using a self-laminating flap. This personalization of the tag helps make the lockout message more impactful than words alone. It lets someone know that a worker’s life is on the line.

As always, custom options are available for lockout signs, lockout labels, and lockout tags. Our custom tools allow customers to quickly and easily choose a template, add text and/or images, select a size and material, and add the product to their cart to begin the checkout process.

The most exciting part of this release is our new selection of Master Lock lockout devices. We teamed up with Master Lock because they are a brand that people trust when it comes to both padlocks and lockout devices. Our selection of lockout devices includes electrical lockouts for plugs and circuit breakers, valve lockouts for gate valves and ball valves, group lockout boxes, fully stocked and empty lockout stations, a portable lockout kit for on-the-go type jobs, a pneumatic lockout device, a wide assortment of lockout hasps, and padlocks for every need.

With all of these new additions, we hope that we can make an impact on the safety and well-being of all workers performing maintenance on machines and equipment.