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0 Comments | Apr 25, 2017

Safety Tips for Handling Hazardous Chemicals

If you have job that requires you to handle or mix chemicals, such as a Medical Laboratory Technician, it’s important to know how to safely use and store chemical materials. Here is a simple checklist of reminders when handling toxic chemicals in a professional setting.

Protect Yourself First

Use personal protection equipment while working with substances. Check prior to working to make sure it will protect you.

Clearly Display Labels

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Ensure everything you handle was clearly labeled. If it is missing one, contact your supervisor. Look out for substances not contained within their designated area. If it looks open and someone forgot to close it, again contact your supervisor.

Keep Work Areas Strictly for Working Only

Although probably the most obvious tip, keep work area clean of food and beverages. Avoid touching cosmetics and handling contact lenses when working with chemicals.

Practice Safe Storage and Clean-up

Store the materials in ventilated areas properly, keep those incompatible with one another away from each other. Wipe down work area to avoid contamination.

For a longer list of rules click here.

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