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0 Comments | Feb 01, 2017

How To Report A Downed or Missing Traffic Sign

If you ever have the experience of taking out a traffic sign, or have seen a missing road sign while driving, there are several ways to go about reporting it and a few reasons why you should.

  1. Hitting a traffic sign and driving off is illegal and can lead to a misdemeanor if you are caught.
  2. With weather and other factors, some signs can go missing and can wreak havoc on road safety as drivers have no clear clue about road protocol

These are some things you can do if you ever find yourself in either situation. Contact the public works office or the transportation department in within the local government and report what happened.  In some states, you can contact the DMV and report the damage to the road sign. Phoning 911 is also an option if you do not know the numbers of the DMV or public works office.  They can transfer you to the correct department to speak with.  For more information on what to do when a sign is hit click here.

Sometimes depending on the area, the city will hold off on replacing the sign because it may not seem as dangerous.  If this is not the case, simply make your concerns heard to the department in charge of replacing the sign.
Speed Limit Sign

It’s important to note that if the sign that was hit or is missing was a Stop sign (or another sign that is important to road safety for drivers) calling 911 is recommended so it can be repaired quickly.   If the numbers required for calling are unknown or its after business hours, then contact 911 to report it.  Click here for more information on what to do to report a missing sign.

Calling in and reporting the downed sign not only helps keep drivers and their constituents safe from potential accidents and fatalities, it also helps the local government do their job more effectively. supplies up to date road signs at low prices and shipped quickly.

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