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0 Comments | Jul 28, 2017

Residents Push For Stricter Parking Rules

Redington Beach, Florida is learning first hand that the message and placement of their Permit Parking signs is just as important as posting the signs to begin with.

The town has been having issues with the parking situation near Beach Park, leading residents to complain that beachgoers were taking parking away from them and that something needed to be done about it.  Unfortunately, efforts to reserve parking spaces for residents have failed.  The town had installed three signs in the lot that inform drivers of the permit parking only policy and yet it seems that people either couldn’t see the signs or were willfully ignoring them and parking in those spots anyway.

Residents believe that the parking ticket amount is too low, meaning that beachgoers simply look at it as a parking fee for the day that they are willing to pay. Resident Stephen Brantley insists that there needs to be more of a threat made, such as towing the vehicle.

Signs can be a useful tool for townships trying to deal with parking issues.  The sign needs to have a solid message that accomplishes the ultimate goal, and is easily understood by those reading it.  It’s also crucial that those signs are posted in places where they will be seen.  In the case of Redington Beach, harsher penalties, a tougher message about permit only parking, and a permit parking notice at the entrance to the lot would likely help the situation quite a bit.