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Plumb Funny – Plumber’s Funny Sign Friday

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From Pipes to Paradise With inspiration from our sister site,, today’s Funny Sign Friday is a salute to our plumbers. It’s just ...
dont sleep with a drip

This Week’s Safety Signs News

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1. New Designs for Property Signs has updated its product offering to reflect the needs of our customers. To meet your needs, we’ve added ...
USA Sign
pi day

Happy Pi Day – Funny Sign Friday

Celebrate Pi Day with Math – or Pie! Every March 14, philomaths (lovers of math) around the world celebrate the 16th letter of the Greek alphabet and a very important math symbol. Pi (π) is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, expressed in a mathematical equation as π = c/d, where ...
Traffic Cars

Traffic Safety Strides in UAE

Officials Aim to Lower Traffic Accidents During this year’s GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council – officially Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf) Traffic Week, the goal will be to increase safety, and the first sign of it is in the week’s slogan, “Your Safety is our ...
Traffic Signs and Road Signs

Top Articles about Street Signs and Safety

Web’s Top Stories about Safety, Parking, and Street Signs 1. Students Design Safety Street Signs Students of Middleton High School in Wisconsin have designed signs to promote safety through the streets. Students in English and computer design classes work together to create safety street signs that are posted ...
thin mints

No Soliciting Unless You’re Selling Thin Mints

Custom No Soliciting Signs for Your Highest Priority! It happens everyday – solicitors knocking on your door or strolling into your business trying to sell everything from vacuum cleaners to trips on a cruise. Each solicitor’s attempt pushes you closer to the edge, where you just want to disconnect the ...
customer parking

Customer Parking Signs Save Sales

Customer Parking Signs Keep Spots Open The winter of 2013-2014 has taken its toll on us all. It’s been one of the snowiest winters on record for most of the country. Snow started early in the season and has decided to overstay its welcome, recently covering everything from Texas to New Jersey in snow, even in ...
Occupational Safety

Workplace Eye Wellness Month

Think Eye Protection in March March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month, when you should take time to consider how well you are protecting your own eyes while on the job. According to Prevent Blindness America, simply using the right personal protection equipment for your eyes can reduce the severity or actually prevent 9 ...
exit before tweeting

Exit Building Before Tweeting – Funny Sign Friday

Exit Before Tweeting – Social Media Meets Fire Safety Twitter is not just a social media network, it’s a source for most of our information. loves to share our favorite stories and safety related information via the network (@SafetySignCom), and so does most of the online world. It was well ...
dog waste

Dog Poop Signs Create Controversy

Graphic Images on Dog Poop Signs Animal Waste Signs from Sandwell borough in the United Kingdom has been dealing with an unfortunate public health issue – the hazard of dog feces left in parks, open areas, and common dog walking routes. To get the word out against pet owners leaving the waste ...
national cherry month

National Cherry Month – Funny Sign Friday

Celebrate with Cherry Pie, Cherry Garcia and More Yesterday, February 20, was Cherry Pie Day (we hope you remembered to celebrate!), which is the high point of National Cherry Month. National Cherry Month is 28 days of celebrating these sweet little stone fruits, and finding out how good they can be for you! One cup ...
Traffic Cars

Buckling Up Lowers Death Rates

Traffic Deaths of Children Down 40% New reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that less children are involved in fatal traffic accidents. The latest report shows that the last ten years has seen a 43 percent drop in the deaths of children as a result of a traffic accident. The studies ...