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Top Summer Safety Tips (…So Far)

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Best Safety Tips of Summer 2016 Depending on your perspective, we either have half of the 2016 calendar year to look forward to, or it is halfway done. ...
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CSB Updated Most Wanted Safety Improvement Program

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Safety Improvements Can Lead the Way in Chemical Facilities President Dwight D. Eisenhower has been quoted as saying, “Plans are nothing; planning is ...
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Forklift Safety – Are You Doing Enough?

Simple Safety Tips for Forklift Use Every year, there are approximately 100,000 forklift related accidents. Out of these, there are about 100 deaths from forklift related accidents. That is roughly a death every three days. These statistics from forklift accidents should be alarming because forklift safety should be a ...
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Cutting Corners Earns OSHA Citations

Employers Skimp Out on Safety at Workers’ Expense When we wake up in the morning, most people worry about accomplishing their tasks in the workplace to provide for a family or their self. People want to fulfill daily tasks quickly and efficiently, so they can enjoy their free time. Regardless of what kind of ...

Enjoy National Get Outdoors Day

Get Outdoors on June 11, 2016 Look around and it is obvious. People tend to spend more time on technological devices than playing outside. Most free time is spent watching TV or browsing the internet, instead of going outside and enjoying the surrounding environments. This especially pertains to the youth of America ...
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Pool Rules and Your Swimming Safety

CDC Studies Unsafe Pool Conditions As the weather gets warmer, more and more people use public or private pools, hot tubs, and water playgrounds.  These places may be used as a place for relaxation or just a place to take a quick dip and cool off. Following a recent study, however, we must be mindful of our local ...
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National CPR and AED Awareness Week

CPR and AED Awareness Week – June 1-7 In 2008, Congress passed a bill making the first week of June National CPR and AED Awareness week. This life threatening issue of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a much larger problem than most people think. People misconstrue the fact that sudden cardiac arrests can happen ...
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National Safety Month Starts Tomorrow

2016 National Safety Month For most, the month of June is a wonderful time to get outside, enjoy adventurous activities, or relax from a long year of school. It is also National Safety Month by the National Safety Council (NSC). During this month, the NSC wants to educate people further on proper safety tips in the ...
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Tips for a Safe Memorial Day Weekend

Enjoy a Safe Start to the Summer Memorial Day weekend is finally here and that means millions of Americans have plans to travel, swim, and grill throughout the nation. All of these activities require safety precautions in order to be assured that everything goes as planned. There is nothing worse than having something ...
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New Eye Protection Labels – OSHA Compliant

New Designs for Better Hazard Awareness Safety labels are an economically efficient and easy way to provide your workplace with the proper safety signage. At, we have recently launched a more complete line of eye protection safety labels. The reason new products are emerging is because these new labels ...
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Safety Reminders in the Workplace

Avoid OSHA Fines with Safety Signs In the United States, there are over 144 million workers. That is almost half of our population leaving their homes and going to work daily. When dealing with such a large portion of our population, safety should be the number one priority on all of our lists. It is easy to lose ...
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Click It or Ticket 2016

Seat Belt Safety Campaign Starts Now During this week of May, from the 16th to the 23rd, it is time for the Click It or Ticket safety campaign. The following two weeks, through the end of the month, will be the enforcement period for this campaign. People are always on-the-go in order to fulfill their daily duties. ...