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Alcohol May Not Solve Your Problems – Funny Sign Friday

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If Alcohol Won’t Do It, What Will? As we head into the homestretch of our month-long #FunnySigns design contest, the Funny Sign Friday team decided to ...
alcohol may not solve your problems

Designer of Famous Las Vegas Sign Dies

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Betty Willis Designed Classic Vegas Icon Image via Instagram (@happy_beck) One of the most recognized signs in the world will be a bit less ...
fabulous las vegas sign
owl attack signs

Beware: Owl Attack Signs

Oregon Park Warns Joggers of Owl Attacks In Salem, Oregon, it’s not a barking dog or hungry squirrel that joggers have to watch out for on the trails. In fact, the issue is a little bit more like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, “The Birds.” Image via the City of Salem’s ...
i got my ion you

I Got My ION You – Funny Sign Friday

Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day from! It may be Friday the 13th, but at it’s just another Funny Sign Friday, and today, love is in the air! Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, which is a perfect time to share the love with family, friends, and your favorite ...
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Funny Slow Down Signs Hit the Streets

California Town Adds Humor to Pedestrian Safety No, it’s not Funny Sign Friday, but in Hayward, California, humor is getting its chance to make drivers aware of their unsafe habits. Via @CaraLiuKTVU on Twitter With signs that say,”Heads up! Cross the street, then update Facebook,” and ...
PPE Respirator Safety Signs

Wyoming Workplace Safety Bill Hits Dead End

Bill to Raise Violation┬áPenalties Dies Back in December 2014, the Wyoming Joint Labor, Health, and Social Services Interim Committee endorsed a bill that would raise the penalties on employers after employee deaths occurred due to safety violations. Wyoming is one of the nation’s leading states for workplace ...

Bad at Math? Funny Sign Friday

5 out of 4 People Can’t Do Fractions #FSF Goes Back to School We all have our own special skills. Some of us are great athletes, while others can play the┬ápiano with ease. Some of us did great in school, and some of us, well, some of us have trouble with fractions. We can’t all be great at math. For ...
School Security Signs

Security Signs Boost Compliance

Alert Visitors to Security Measures For security purposes, private businesses, public offices, and institutions all take whatever steps are necessary to make sure that employees and visitors feel safe when they enter the premise. In many cases, security measures include the patrol by police officers or security ...
Winter Driving Safety

Staying Safe During Winter Storm Juno

Winter Weather Tips As winter storm Juno prepares to potentially drop over two feet of snow across the Northeast, likely causing multiple breaks in municipal service in New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia, among places across the region, preparedness is key. With lots of snow steadily falling and strong winds ... ahr expo Prepares for 2015 AHR Expo Joins HVACR Expo Starting Monday, January 26, 2015, and running until January 28, the 2015 AHR Expo will feature over 2,000 companies, including, a division of’s parent company, Brimar Industries, and other manufacturers, contractors, and engineers in the heating, ...
new york fire safety sign

New Fire Safety Signs in New York

Fire Safety Signs Alert Firefighters to Type of Construction Current NY Truss Sign for Commercial Buildings Firefighters in New York now have another tool to help them in recognizing the best ways to battle a house fire. A new state law just went into effect that requires new construction and renovations of ...
wouldnt trust the cat either

New Funny Beware of Dog Signs

I Wouldn’t Trust The Cat Either! Compromise is important in any relationship. Without a little give and take, it’s easy for feelings to get hurt. As with any relationship, the owners of dogs and cats must often compromise to get along, and that isn’t always easy. When it comes to, we ...