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Tips for a Safe Memorial Day Weekend

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Enjoy a Safe Start to the Summer Memorial Day weekend is finally here and that means millions of Americans have plans to travel, swim, and grill throughout the ...
summer grilling

New Eye Protection Labels – OSHA Compliant

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New Designs for Better Hazard Awareness Safety labels are an economically efficient and easy way to provide your workplace with the proper safety signage. At ...
industrial safety
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A Clean and Safe Workplace This Spring!

Tips to Keep Your Office Mates and Yourself Safe It has been a month since the spring equinox, when the sun crosses the equator and the days begin to get a little bit longer and warmer. In that month, there’s been time to get outside and enjoy the first stroll of the year through a park or watch some spring ...
stay off the tracks if you can read this youre not a train

If You Can Read, You’re Not a Train – Funny Sign Friday

Stay Off the Tracks Funny Sign’s Next Stop is Safety One of the most dangerous places that you could ever step foot onto is a railroad track. Sooner or later, a massive train that weights thousands of tons (!!!) traveling at speeds up to 80 MPH (but the fastest in the world go up to 125 MPH) will come rolling ...
PPE Respirator Safety Signs

Nanotechnology and Workplace Safety

NIOSH Publishes Guide to Nanotech Nanotechnology is a branch of engineering on the smallest of scales. How small? Smaller than 1/64 of one inch. In fact, 1/64 of an inch would be a whopping 396,875 nanometers. With nanotechnology, engineering is typically conducted not at 396,875 nanometers, but all the way down to 1 ...
drop it and drive idiot

Drop It and Drive – Funny Sign Friday

Drop the Phone and Drive! Sometimes a funny sign can be a serious sign too, and that’s what we have today for Funny Sign Friday. We’ve all seen drivers (and pedestrians) that are glued to a phone while getting from Point A to Point B and it leaves you wondering, “How the heck are you not causing an ...
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2016 #FunnySigns Contest – It’s Back!

Design Your Best Funny Signs Today to Win! At, we might seem like all work and no play, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! We love to laugh, and love it more when you’re laughing with us. That’s why we are asking you to help us out with some clever signs by designing your own ...

DOT Placards and What’s Really on the Roads?

What do DOT Placards Mean? We’ve all seen those diamond shaped signs on the sides or backs of trucks with numbers like 1993 or 1075, but what are those signs and what do they mean? These little signs are commonly known as DOT placards, and the Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates that these signs be used ...
firearms permitted sign

New Products – Guns Welcome Signs

Guns Welcome Signs for Where Guns Are Allowed Many state laws have been passed to allow businesses and companies to post signs that restrict gun owners with legal permits to carry openly or concealed firearms on the premises. Most recently, the state of Texas added a law that lead to the development of ...
stop signs

Don’t Let Your Signs Be Vandalized

Anti-Graffiti Overlaminate Could Prevent Costly Damage Recently, the town of Slaughterville, just outside of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, purchased and installed new stop signs for their intersections. Some of these new signs also alerted drivers if the intersecting traffic also had to stop, helping to improve motorist ...
Road Construction Signs

Road Sign Text Style Won’t Change

FHWA Ends Use of Clearview Font on Road Signs The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has just ended its experimental use of Clearview font on highway signs. Signs using the font that are posted will not need to be taken down, though. Existing signs using Clearview can remain up until they need to be replaced due to ...

Complaint Deadline – Funny Sign Friday

We’d Love Your Feedback, But the Complaint Deadline Was Yesterday! Feedback is important in all aspects of life, and sometimes we don’t get enough of it – positive or negative. We won’t know how well we are performing until we hear from the perspective of an outsider. But there are plenty of ...