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UFO Street Signs – Funny Sign Friday

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UFO Street Signs Mysteriously Pop Up The livestock of East Aurora, New York, have plenty to be concerned about this week. Since the beginning of summer, some ...

Worldwide Traffic Signs – Philippines

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Exploring the World’s Traffic Signs – Philippines Not every country uses the same traffic signs. Traffic signs in the Philippines are very ...
Traffic Cars

New Product Spotlight: Pacemaker Warning Signs

In the USA alone, there are about 3 million people with pacemaker implants, with about 600,000 being implanted or replaced every year. With these new pacemakers comes a new demand for signs warning pacemaker wearers of potential hazards which are common in industrial settings.  Our new pacemaker warning signs and ...
texting and driving

Higher Fines for Texting & Driving Wanted

National Safety Council Opinion Poll Says Fines Should Rise The National Safety Council (NSC) has recently conducted an opinion poll that found almost three fourths of respondents (73 percent) believe that texting while driving laws should be enforced more than they are currently. More than half (52%) of respondents ...

Summer Vacation – Funny Sign Friday

Summer Vacation Has Started – Take Cover Summertime, and the livin’ ain’t easy! Packs of wild animals have been spotted from coast to coast, gathering at playgrounds, camps, and watering holes. They seem to prefer water most, leaving a trail of destruction past public pools, beaches, and running ...
No Parking Signs

Bad Parking Signs Getting Worse

Los Angeles Parking Signs – Funny or Tragic? There’s two types of parking signs: clean, easy to understand parking signs, and horribly confusing ones. The city of Los Angeles is famous for confusing parking signs, so much so that we’ve already touched on the subject after an LA resident racked up ...

Don’t Flush It All Away – Funny Sign Friday

Funny Toilet Signs to Prevent Clogged Pipes Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and we see their lives go down the tubes (figuratively), and sometimes bad things just go down the tubes. When it is the latter of the two, something has to be done to prevent the plumber from becoming a fixture on your ...
swimming pool safety

Swimming Signs and Summer Safety

Stay Safe and Cool in the Pool The official start of summer is only a few days away, so before we all switch out our sneakers for flip-flops, it is important to remember that while lounging by the pool should be relaxing, safety should always come first. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), ...
stop signs

Traffic Safety Education to Save Lives

Traffic Safety a Major Concern Worldwide Road traffic accidents claim almost 3,400 lives each day (source: World Health Organization) across the globe, making them one of the top causes of death along with heart disease, AIDS, and stroke. Lawmakers in the Philippines are aiming to reduce the number of fatal accidents ...
danger farts stay clear

Funny Fart Signs – Funny Sign Friday

New Danger Farts Stay Clear Sign Debuts As an industry leader in safety and workplace signs, searched high and low for the newest addition to our complete selection of silly signs. As it turns out, the answer was right under our noses the whole time! Using an NFPA chemical hazard diamond to alert nearby ...
Construction Signs

This Week in Safety News – 6/9/14

Top Safety Stories of This Week 1. Montana Teens Learn Value of Worker Safety The Montana State Fund, the largest workers’ compensation insurer in the state, held the “No Jack Games” to raise awareness of their “No Jack” safety campaign for young workers. Students from Big Sky High School ...
national donut day 2014

National Doughnut Day 2014 – Funny Sign Friday

National Doughnut Day – Doughnuts are Unavoidable promotes all things safety – workplace hazard awareness, pedestrian and driver safety, emergency response, the list goes on and on. On Funny Sign Friday, we relax with some coffee and doughnuts. After the doughnuts are gone, we get right back ...