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This Seat is Taken! Funny Sign Friday

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Funny London Underground Signs Reserve Seating for Unusual Reasons When using public transportation, it is very common to see seats reserved for reasons of ...

September is National Preparedness Month

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“Don’t Wait, Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.” When we are unprepared, we are the most vulnerable. Emergencies spring up every day, and if we ...
In-Street Crosswalk Sign

Watch for Me Safety Program Starts in NC

North Carolina ‘Watch for Me’ Boosts Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety In the past decade, pedestrian and bicycle injuries and deaths have either increased or remained relatively the same. Therefore, the streets and sidewalks haven’t become any safer, even with highly visible crossing signs and increased ...
No Texting and Driving

5 Step Safety Guide to Pokemon Go

5 Tips to Remember for Safe Pokemon Go Collecting In an official National Safety Council statement released yesterday, the Council reminds drivers and pedestrians to use caution while playing the augmented reality game that has taken over the country’s imagination. With over 11,000 injuries attributed to ...
ny accessibility icon

Proposed New Connecticut Accessibility Signs

New Accessibility Icons to Modernize Signs The Governor of Connecticut, Dannel P. Malloy, has passed a bill that will revamp the state’s accessibility sign. The changes made to the existing icon are meant to create a modernized symbol that encompasses the disabled community better. Also, the language on the new ...
photo contest

Enter Our 2016 Photo Contest

Enter Today to Win! Show us your / Brimar signs in use for a chance to win $50! Our #FunnySigns Contest Winner’s Sign In Use – Thanks Steve F.! All you have to do is (1) take the picture of our product in use and (2) share it on Facebook, or Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag ...
Railroad Crossing Safety

LA Metro Safety Campaign Reminds Us There’s Dumb Ways to Die

Campaign with ‘Right Mix of Gruesome and Levity’ Raises Safety Awareness The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority recently released a new safety campaign that is quite different from the ones that we usually see. The “Safetyville” campaign is quickly becoming a social media ...
alligator warning

New Alligator Warning Signs Now Available

Alligator Signs Increase Wildlife Awareness has just launched a new product line of alligator warning signs. After reviewing numerous studies and reports, alligator awareness can be the number one safety precaution taken in order to prevent alligator attacks. Here are some other reasons why this new ...
Construction Signs

Beat the Heat at Work and at Home

Strong Start to Summer with Recent Heat The first few days of summer have brought extreme heat to the western region of the US. The heat has been dangerously hot, and local news stations have been sending heat warnings and advisories to caution local residents. Specifically in Arizona, California and Nevada, ...
office setting

New Injury Reporting From OSHA

Online Report Increases Transparency Recently, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a ruling that they will follow through with implementing a new rule for employers recording serious injury and illness data. This new rule, which takes effect January 1, 2017, will require certain ...

Forklift Safety – Are You Doing Enough?

Simple Safety Tips for Forklift Use Every year, there are approximately 100,000 forklift related accidents. Out of these, there are about 100 deaths from forklift related accidents. That is roughly a death every three days. These statistics from forklift accidents should be alarming because forklift safety should be a ...
fall prevention

Cutting Corners Earns OSHA Citations

Employers Skimp Out on Safety at Workers’ Expense When we wake up in the morning, most people worry about accomplishing their tasks in the workplace to provide for a family or their self. People want to fulfill daily tasks quickly and efficiently, so they can enjoy their free time. Regardless of what kind of ...