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Top Safety Stories of 8/20/2014

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This Week’s Top Three Safety News Stories 1. New Pedestrian and Biker Safety in Washington D.C. Recently, the District Department of Transportation ...
Road Construction Signs

Ice Bucket Challenge – Is An Ice Bath Safe?

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – What You Need to Know If you have a Facebook account, or have watched the news at least once this month, then you’ve ...
ice bucket challenge
Traffic Cars

Worldwide Traffic Signs – Philippines

Exploring the World’s Traffic Signs – Philippines Not every country uses the same traffic signs. Traffic signs in the Philippines are very different from American traffic signs, and follow the same standards as most of Europe, the Middle East, India, and some countries in South America. When looking at ...

New Product Spotlight: Forklift Signs

In the US alone there are about 1 million forklifts operating with about 1.5 million people operating them.  OSHA estimates that there are about 34,900 accidents that result in injury and 61,800 that are not serious.  Most forklift fatalities are caused by the driver trying to jump from the forklift while it’s ...

Kids Without Shoulders? Funny Sign Friday

Maybe Two Signs Would Have Been Better? When looking for traffic safety road signs, clarity is key. At, we aim to produce signs that are easy to read, easy to understand, and are helpful to the community. This week’s Funny Sign Friday is a remake of a real sign found in Australia. Unfortunately, ...
Bicycle Road Signs

New Bicycle Safety Initiative For Kids

Giving Kids “Tickets” for Bike Safety This week, police officers in West Deptford, NJ, have started giving kids on bikes “tickets” to increase safety. Safe riding habits, including wearing a helmet and following bicycle signs, are important habits to learn early. Fortunately for these kids the tickets ...

New Product Spotlight: Hearing Protection Signs

According to OSHA, 30 million people in the US are exposed to occupational hazardous noise every year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 125,000 workers have experienced significant hearing loss since 2004.  21,000 of the cases were in 2009 alone. Occupational hearing loss is 100% preventable if ...

New Product Spotlight: Eye Safety Signs

William Shakespeare once said “The eyes are the window to your soul.” And he was right, eyes are pretty important and they can’t be replaced. Our eyes are extremely important, without them, we wouldn’t be able to see, but, our eyes also allow us to sense emotions and feel how other people are feeling. ...
Traffic Signs and Road Signs

This Week in Safety News: 7/10/14

1. Man Caught Stealing Traffic Signs In Albuquerque a 37 year old man, Carlos Trujillo, was arrested for attempting to steal traffic signs. Trujillo was seen wearing a reflective vest and claimed to be working for a construction company. When asked for a work order he showed the police officer a handwritten note. He ...

New Product Spotlight: Confined Space Signs

According to OSHA, a confined space (permit and non-permit) can be defined by the following: (1) Large enough for an employee to enter and perform work (2) Has limited or restricted means for entry or exit (3) Is not designed for continuous occupancy Many hazards exist within a confined space including, mechanical, ...

New Product Spotlight: RF Warning Signs

Radiation comes in many forms including: X-Rays, light, heat, gamma rays, RF and UV rays. In our everyday lives we are all exposed to low levels of radiation from the sun, outer space, and the earth. As our technology improves and becomes more readily available to everyone, there has been a significant rise in the ...

New Product Spotlight: Pacemaker Warning Signs

In the USA alone, there are about 3 million people with pacemaker implants, with about 600,000 being implanted or replaced every year. With these new pacemakers comes a new demand for signs warning pacemaker wearers of potential hazards which are common in industrial settings.  Our new pacemaker warning signs and ...