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Amazon Warehouse Safety Concerns

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From drones to driver-less cars, Amazon is the face of futuristic package deliveries. However, it looks like some research and development could be used ...
A yellow and black caution watch for forklifts sign

NYC Looking to Introduce Residential Parking Program

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Whether you’re a commuter or a resident, most will agree that it’s notoriously difficult to find parking in New York City. Long have people suffered and ...
Reserved Parking Sign
Do Not Feed The Wildlife Sign

National Park Laws and Etiquette

With the warm weather quickly approaching, it’s a wonderful time to visit local and national parks. When you need an escape and you yearn for a rekindling with nature, parks can be a great outlet. They also offer an amazing opportunity to see wildlife in their natural habitats. However, it’s important to remember ...
Baby Goats

Ireland Has A Goat Problem

Ireland has a goat problem. More accurately, one Irish town has a feral, sex-crazed wild goat problem. A gaggle of wild goats are procreating at an alarming rate near the town of Ennis, leaving residents terrified. No road, no garden, and no parking lot is safe from these menacing animals. Motor-vehicles are dodging ...
Beach Status Sign - What Do Beach Flags Mean?

What Do Beach Flags Mean?

The summer is here and people looking for a day in the sun will flock to their nearest beach. However, before you can start basking in the sun’s glory, you might want to keep your eyes open for beach flags and signs; some of which can spell doom for your visit. Understanding and heeding colored flags and signs can ...
Speed Bump Sign

How to Improve Parking Lot Safety

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), more than 50,000 car accidents occur in parking lots, resulting in over 500 fatalities and more than 60,000 injuries. Unsurprisingly, parking lots become even more treacherous during the holiday season, with a massive spike in reported accidents on Black Friday through ...
Orange Road Closed Ahead sign by

Ignoring Road Closed Signs Net Fines

A little while ago, we discussed how some drivers in Omaha, Nebraska seemingly didn’t know what a Road Closed Ahead sign meant. In what has become a very niche epidemic, here we are again discussing something eerily similar. Instead of focusing on drivers from Nebraska, we’re taking a look at their Michigan ...
No Trespassing sign that reads no tresspassing violators will be prosecuted.

Colorful Graffiti Pier Shut Down

In another situation where a small group of people ruin the fun for everyone else, one of Philly’s best outdoor art spaces, Graffiti Pier, is now being strictly monitored by police. Since the Conrail Corporation decommissioned and abandoned the pier in 1991, it’s been a significant hotbed for creativity. While ...
NFPA Diamond / NFPA 704 Diamond

Fire at Louisiana Chemical Plant Causes Evacuations

Last week, emergency crews responded to a chemical plant explosion near Duson, Louisiana. The explosion and subsequent fire broke out at FlowChem Technologies. Shortly after, reports suggested that thick plumes of black smoke billowed over a nearby town. Local law enforcement agencies urged residents and businesses ...
Red and white MUTCD stop sign

Why Do Stop Signs Have Eight Sides?

Considering many drivers can’t recall traffic sign designs, it’s only right that we discuss the most important sign on the road: the Stop Sign. At the turn of the 20th century, before speed limits, lanes, and driver licenses existed, American roads were chaotic. Out of that chaos, traffic signs were born. Stop ...
Pedestrian Crossing Sign

Where Does A School Zone Start and End?

We’ve all likely come across School Zone signs before, but how many of us actually know where a school zone begins and where it ends? While each state law differs, according to New Jersey law there are a couple of ways to define a school zone: by student crosswalks and school grounds. School Boundaries The second ...
No Trespassing sign that reads no tresspassing violators will be prosecuted.

No Trespassing in the Alligator Pit

Not that it’s ever advised, but if you’re going to trespass you probably shouldn’t do so near an alligator pit. Oddly enough, one man visiting Panama City Beach did exactly that when he chose to ignore No Trespassing Signs and wonder around ZooWorld prior to it opening. Looking for alcohol and a “vape” his ...