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Top 10 OSHA Violations

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As the year comes to a close, OSHA is making its list and checking it twice – the list of most common violations that is. Not surprisingly, the number ...

New OSHA Ruling

Posted by Katy Landers | Comments Off on New OSHA Ruling
OSHA recently announced that they have issued a final rule on their Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems. The plan is to prevent one ...
Fire Alarm

It’s Fire Prevention Week 2016

Don’t Wait – Check the Date this Fire Prevention Week! Every year the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a global nonprofit that focuses on the elimination of all loss due to fire and its related hazards, promotes a Fire Prevention Week to raise awareness about a basic fire safety principal. This ...
summer safety

State Law Pool Signs Now on Sale

New Pool Signs by State Now Available A swimming pool can be a dangerous place. Drowning is a preventable cause of death, yet it is still one of the leading causes in the United States, especially for children. Florida Pool Sign – Complies with FAC 64E-9.008 While there are many pool safety tips that you can ...

This Seat is Taken! Funny Sign Friday

Funny London Underground Signs Reserve Seating for Unusual Reasons When using public transportation, it is very common to see seats reserved for reasons of accessibility. These seats might be kept free for riders with a disability, the elderly, or for expectant mothers. Parking spots are reserved by law with ...

September is National Preparedness Month

“Don’t Wait, Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.” When we are unprepared, we are the most vulnerable. Emergencies spring up every day, and if we are ready for them (at least some of them), we can lessen their impact on our lives and recover faster. National Preparedness Month is a time where we should ...
slow school zone sign

Back to School Driving Tips

Be Alert for More Pedestrians The time has come again where summer is wrapping up for children and school is beginning. This time of year is extremely important for drivers on the road to be more cautious and aware of what’s around. Big yellow school buses will bring more congestion to the roads along with children ...

Dancing on a Funny Sign Friday

Swedish Funny Signs Boost Town’s Allure Funny Sign Friday is back with a good laugh for you. Just recently, a town in northern Sweden has taken an unconventional approach to revamp their town center. As part of a program launched the previous year, the town increased their efforts to attract the public to the ...
safety week

Small Tools Aren’t Safer – Hand and Pneumatic Tool Safety

Pneumatic and Hand Tools Cause Serious Injury Hand tools and pneumatic (powered by compressed air) tools play an important role within the workplace. Whether you are a large manufacturer of certain products or a local carpenter, tools are the only way work gets accomplished. Since tools are prevalent throughout most ...
AMC Fire Winning Sign

See Our 2016 #PhotoContest Winners

Here’s The Show Us Your Safety Photo Contest Winners! Our annual Show Us Your Safety Photo Contest had an outstanding turnout this year! We would like to thank all the participants for entering our contest. We were so happy to have had both new and old customers participate this year, and it’s even more ...
memorial day flag

National Night Out 2016 is Tomorrow

Community Relationship Building Under the Stars Tomorrow marks the first Tuesday of the month, which means National Night Out will occur. )Although, Texas and a few other states will celebrate this night during the first Tuesday of October.) This night is meant to tighten bonds within communities and build a stronger ...

Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act Passes

Reform to Toxic Substance Control Act Long Overdue With more innovations and advances in sciences, information needs to be more transparent, as processes are becoming more beneficial and efficient. Just recently, a new law was passed which consisted of a series of amendments to reform the Toxic Substance Control Act ...