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0 Comments | Oct 12, 2017

Oh Deer!

A recent e-mail from AAA is warning drivers to be aware of increased deer activity. Deer mating season begins in October, and that leads to an uptick in collisions through October, November and December. The number of accidents in some states doubles or even triples at this time of year. Drivers are not only at risk of hitting deer, but also of having deer run into their vehicles. In either case, the potential for injury and costly damage is very real.


Some of the tips provided by AAA include:


  • Be particularly careful at dusk and dawn. These are peak times for deer activity, and visibility is limited.
  • Deer travel in groups. If you see one, there are likely others nearby.
  • Don’t swerve to avoid deer. You could lose control of the car. You may also confuse the deer as it tries to avoid the impact.
  • Watch for Deer Crossing signs.


Going a step further, a Brazilian company named ViaFauna is developing an early warning system designed to prevent animal collisions. The prototype uses an infrared transmitter to detect movement, then sends a radio signal that would activate an electronic message board, and a rotating or flashing light attached to an Animal Crossing sign. The idea is to give drivers more advanced notice that animals are in the area, and to draw more attention than a sign that only indicates animals might be present. A market-ready version of this technology may not be ready for a while.  For now, keep a look out for animals in the street and movement on the side of the road.


Deer Crossing Sign