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0 Comments | May 15, 2012

Joplin Gets New Street Signs 1 Year After Tornado

Finally some direction!  It has been reported that the city of Joplin will soon be replacing the street signs that were destroyed in last year’s tornado.  In the meantime many residents have gotten creative with how they give directions down roads without street or traffic signs.

Around 2,000 street and traffic signs will need to be replaced from the tornado and will cost the city over $100,000.  Unfortunately the cities insurance won’t cover the entire cost.

The Federal Highway Administration has recently put money aside to replace the ruined traffic signs.  It is anticipated that approval and procedure will take place sometime this month.  Once the federal government gives the go ahead for construction to begin, city officials say it’ll take about 90 days for all the street signs to be replaced.

The city will then work on replacing the sign poles of some traffic signals.

Credit: LA Times