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0 Comments | Aug 07, 2017

Importance of FDC Signs

Last week at the University of Vermont’s central campus, a fire broke out causing extensive damage to Torrey Hall.  The fire which engulfed the upper floors of Torrey Hall looks to have been caused by construction workers who were soldering copper during the course of their renovation project.  The fire spread through the space between the exterior and interior walls, which helped keep interior building fire damage to a minimum.  Unfortunately, there was massive water damage throughout the building caused by fire fighters as they extinguished the fire.

As a manufacturer of signs used for emergency situations such as that fire, we understand the importance of having FDC signs, fire sprinkler related signs, and other signs such as fire extinguisher signs placed in and around the facility. They make it easier for emergency personnel and people inside the building to find the fire equipment faster, which helps to increase the safety of all those involved in the situation.

We offer a large selection of ready-to-order fire department connections signs that comply with International Fire Code specifications. Customers can also choose to design their own signs if they need to add more specific information to their FDC signs, such as the type of sprinkler system or the address that the connection feeds.