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0 Comments | Aug 23, 2011

How to Prepare for Hurricane Irene

If history can teach us anything it would send the repetitive lesson that there is a lack of awareness and preparation for Hurricane’s, similar to the one the East Coast needs to prepare for, Hurricane Irene.  If you understand the actions to take for Hurricane Irene, it can help to reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster.

As many of you know Hurricane season begins on June 1rst and will last until the end of November.  With Hurricane Irene quickly approaching here are some steps you need to take.

1)      Look for all evacuation signs and emergency signs when evacuating your town or city to help plan your evacuation route.


2)      Go to Home Depot to buy plywood.  It is important to protect the easiest entry into your house, which would be your windows.  It is imperative that the pieces of plywood are sized properly to prevent the wind from conquering your house.


3)      Beyond protecting your windows it is imperative to protect your roof.  A more permanent solution would be installing storm shutters, tansoms, and skylights.  If the wind enters your house through the windows, the chances increase that your roof will blow off.


4)      If the storm is on its way, look around your yard for things that can turn into flying weapons against you or your house.  This could very well be lawn furniture or weathered trees.


5)      Choose a safe place for you and the rest of your family to weather the storm.  If this is in your home be sure it is windowless with 2 back up safe areas.


6)      Food and Water wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Stock up on some non-perishable food and water.  If your supply is a bit dated you should probably consider refreshing it.


7)      Come up with a plan, a family communications plan.  There is a chance you may get injured or separated during the duration of Hurricane Irene


Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene