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0 Comments | Jul 09, 2012

Greensboro Illegal Handicap Parking

There is absolutely no excuse for people to park in a handicapped parking space when they are not disabled.  In Greensboro, North Carolina people have been getting away with it for years but residents have had enough.

A volunteer for the army of about forty recruits are now patrolling the small city.  From last year alone, the volunteers generated over $87,000 in fines.  The Greensboro police are everywhere but it is difficult for them to regulate the handicap parking signs.

One of the volunteer’s, Sylvia Poole, does not carry around a badge but uses her ticket book and digital camera as her secret weapon.  In the past 6 months Poole has written over 600 tickets at $250 a pop.  Thousands of people ignore handicapped parking signs which make life harder for the disabled.