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0 Comments | Jul 10, 2012

Fire Safety In the Work Place

The threat of a fire in the workplace can be quite frightening.  A fire can cause major property damage, injury or even death in unfortunate cases.  The use of fire extinguisher signs, fire sprinkler signs, retardant construction materials and smoke alarms can help reduce the risk of fire.

It is imperative that the employees are well informed on how to prevent fires.  Below are a few ways to prevent a fire:

  • Keep wood, paper, and trash away from machinery
  • Store all flammable liquids in safe areas
  • Keep all areas clean and free of debris
  • Don’t overload extensions and electrical outlets
  • Don’t use household-grade extension cords in the workplace
  • Don’t force three prong plugs into two

For more information on how our fire exit signs can help improve safety in the workplace call at 800.274.6271.