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0 Comments | Jun 20, 2012

Electronic Road Signs Warn of Walking Zombies

There have been reports that zombies have taken over Louisville, Kentucky.   This is either far-fetched or just part of an elaborate prank.    An electronic road sign along Brownsboro Road read “Beware of Zombies”.  The sign is supposed to warn drivers about shifts in traffic patterns approaching construction work.

The spokesperson for Metro Public Works and Assets, Lindsay English, is unsure how pranksters gained access.  The electronic street signs is password protected and can be accessed through an on-site box or through a laptop connected to the sign.

The city does not know who changed the electronic signs or how they were able to do it.  The Zombie message was posted Wednesday Morning.   Below are public directions on how the pranksters gained access to the electronic sign:

Below are the steps on how to hack a traffic sign:

1)      Access the electronic panel on the side of the electronic road signs

2)      Seek out the black control panel which is attached to the access panel

3)      Scroll down to “Instant Text” and type which ever you would like to appear

If the sign is password protected try:

–          DOTS (default password)

–          DIPY (resets the password)