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0 Comments | Jun 05, 2012

Covington County Roads Getting New Traffic Signs

The Covington County roadways are in the process of getting a total makeover from new traffic stop signs to new warning signs.  The County has just been rewarded two grants totaling close to $80,000 to put up new warning signs and traffic stop signs.  Unfortunately the speed limit signs and weight limit signs are not included within the budget.

The regulatory signs described are used to indicate and reinforce traffics laws and requirements that apply to roadways.  The Warning Signs inform drivers that the upcoming conditions are unsafe whether it be steep inclines, stop signs, or even sharp turns.  Other examples of road warning signs are yield signs, intersections signage, and slow signs.

This project is a large undertaking and the County has already gotten started.  They are finalizing the installation plan but unsure of how long this could take.