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0 Comments | May 08, 2012

Alabama County Denied To Post Tornado Shelter & Evacuation Signs

DeKalb County Alabama Tornado

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A year ago, a record setting outbreak of 343 tornadoes ripped through seven states in three days.  This epidemic series of tornadoes killed 316 people on April 27, 2011, including 253 in Alabama.  One county in Alabama that got hit the hardest was DeKalb County, where 33 people lost their lives.

Tornado Shelter SignsEvacuation Assembly Signs

As previously reported by Fox News, DeKalb County Officials fought last year to prevent the Federal Emergency Management agency from taking down tornado shelters built by schools.  Thankfully they won that battle.

A year later, following the anniversary of the deadly tornadoes, the DeKalb County Superintendent, Charles Warren, is fighting to place tornado shelter signs on road ways.  These tornado shelter signs would be intended to safely guide people to the Storm Shelter built at Plainview High School.

The Alabama Department of Transportation(ADT) denied the superintendents request because the tornado safety signs would be placed along mass traveled highways.  They believe that the overcrowding of signs on roadways could be a distraction to drivers.

We’re confident that they could argue that local citizens already know of the shelter so the road signs may be unnecessary.  However, in a time of distress sometimes familiarity becomes quite unfamiliar, so a guide to safety could save lives.


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