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OSHA Lists Top 10 Violations

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Top OSHA Violations for 2014 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has just released their list of the top ten most cited violations of ...
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The Cost of Sign Vandalism

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Sign Vandalism Costs More than You’d Think We’ve all seen it, signs are vandalized all the time. Sometimes it’s funny, other times, not so ...
nothing ruins friday like realizing its wednesday safetysigncom

TGIF, Oh, Wait… – Funny Sign Friday

I Thought We Were So Close!!! After the Labor Day holiday last week, many of us worked a brief four day week, and for a lucky few, Labor Day marked the beginning of a week-long vacation before school started and summer unofficially ends. This week was the first full week of work, and Monday surely came as a shock ...

Michigan State Police Offer Traffic Safety “Six-Pack”

Safety “Six-Pack” Part of Drunk Driving Crackdown Via Law enforcement officers across the state of Michigan are serving up some new drinks at over 1,000 bars and restaurants across the state. As part of the Office of Highway Safety Planning’s crackdown of drunk driving, the ...
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Throwback Security Signs – Funny Sign Friday

Funny Neighborhood Watch Signs Take Over Toronto There are always two sides to the story. In the case of Toronto’s neighborhood watch signs, there’s official neighborhood watch signs, and then there’s signs that get a touch of the 1980′s and 90′s. via Twitter According to various ...
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Pittsburgh Street Signs to Go On Sale

City Set for Online Auction of Traffic Signs If you are looking for traffic signs for your city’s roads, a parking lot, or as home decor, has always been the best place to find exactly what you are looking for in that department. But what about used, vintage, and famous street signs? Well, if you ...

Happy Labor Day – Funny Sign Friday

Happy Labor Day 2014 from We at would like to take this Funny Sign Friday as an opportunity to thank you, our loyal customers, for all of the hard work that you put in over the year. Ever since the first Labor Day celebrations in the late 1880′s, this holiday has been about you, the ...
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Road Signs in Nigeria

Exploring the Road Signs in Nigeria As an American manufacturer of official traffic signs, we’ve starting looking at some of the standards used across the globe to better understand the importance of these road signs. A few weeks ago we looked into the traffic signs used in the¬†Philippines, and today we will ...

New Mexico Reaches Out for Spanish Speaking Workers

New Mexico & Mexico Team Up for Worker Safety To keep your staff safe and in compliance of health and safety regulations, the right information and training needs to be offered about potential workplace hazards. Providing this information can prove to be challenging, especially when training a multilingual staff. ...

Frog Parking – Funny Sign Friday

Don’t Hop Into That Frog Parking Spot   Someone famous once said, “It isn’t easy being green.” For today’s Funny Sign Friday, we have decided to help out with the introduction of the first “green” parking sign, predating all those fuel efficient and electric car parking ...