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Happy Labor Day – Funny Sign Friday

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Happy Labor Day 2014 from We at would like to take this Funny Sign Friday as an opportunity to thank you, our loyal customers, ...

Road Signs in Nigeria

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Exploring the Road Signs in Nigeria As an American manufacturer of official traffic signs, we’ve starting looking at some of the standards used across ...
Traffic Cars

New Mexico Reaches Out for Spanish Speaking Workers

New Mexico & Mexico Team Up for Worker Safety To keep your staff safe and in compliance of health and safety regulations, the right information and training needs to be offered about potential workplace hazards. Providing this information can prove to be challenging, especially when training a multilingual staff. ...

Frog Parking – Funny Sign Friday

Don’t Hop Into That Frog Parking Spot   Someone famous once said, “It isn’t easy being green.” For today’s Funny Sign Friday, we have decided to help out with the introduction of the first “green” parking sign, predating all those fuel efficient and electric car parking ...
Road Construction Signs

Top Safety Stories of 8/20/2014

This Week’s Top Three Safety News Stories 1. New Pedestrian and Biker Safety in Washington D.C. Recently, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) in Washington proposed new rules to protect pedestrians and bikers walking and riding in work zones.  The new rules state that construction sites that block ...
ice bucket challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge – Is An Ice Bath Safe?

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – What You Need to Know If you have a Facebook account, or have watched the news at least once this month, then you’ve probably seen public officials, football players, and some of your own friends take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The incredibly successful fundraising campaign ...

I’m Busy – Funny Sign Friday

I’m Busy – Let Me Ignore You Later The Funny Sign Friday team found this one while perusing the pins of on Pinterest. It’s a great find, because what is a more important sign than one that tells your annoying coworkers to get lost in a brisk, humorous way? With a contemporary and ...
summer grilling

Summer Grilling Tips

Labor Day Grilling Tips Summer is the best time of the year to be outside and to celebrate with family and friends.  During the summer months most people choose to use a grill as their primary cooking method.  According to the USDA, food borne illness spikes during the summer due to the lack of awareness of food ...
Road Work Signs

The Importance of High Visibility in Road Work

The image of a construction worker wearing a brightly colored yellow or orange vest with reflective striping is synonymous with road work. Whether resurfacing existing roads, setting concrete forms for sidewalks, laying pipe for utility lines, or operating heavy machinery, construction workers always wear ...

National Night Out 2014

Tonight is National Night Out National Night Out is “America’s Night Out Against Crime,” and has been a message to criminals that neighborhoods are organized and working with police to fight back and keep our streets safe. Developed by the National Association of Town Watch (NATW), National Night Out ...