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Hoppy Easter – Funny Sign Friday

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Happy Easter/Passover/Funny Sign Friday!!!   Whether you are dying eggs, hosting Seder, or just curling up on the couch with a 100 pound chocolate ...

Plumb Funny – Plumber’s Funny Sign Friday

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From Pipes to Paradise With inspiration from our sister site,, today’s Funny Sign Friday is a salute to our plumbers. It’s just ...
dont sleep with a drip
USA Sign

This Week’s Safety Signs News

1. New Designs for Property Signs has updated its product offering to reflect the needs of our customers. To meet your needs, we’ve added tons of new no trespassing signs, private property signs, and posted signs. You asked for posted private property signs where you can enter your own specific ...
truck signs

New Swimming Signs – Funny Sign Friday

Truck Swimming Signs for Summer A few lucky parts of the country will be ready to open their swimming pools in a couple of weeks, making this week’s addition to Funny Sign Friday both informative and timely. Based on this truck sign circulating around the internet, apparently competitive truck diving is a new ...
No Texting and Driving

UDrive. UText. UPay. Campaign Launches in NJ

Part of Larger Distracted Driving Month Campaign “U get it?” Police departments across New Jersey hope the message to stop texting gets across as the new initiative starts this month. UDrive. UText. UPay. was formed by the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety as part of their Distracted Driving ...

Recreation Signs for Parks and Fields

New Recreation Signs to Spruce Up Your Park There are always a few hurdles to clear before you reach a goal. The goal of reaching the spring season was no easy one for us this year, with most of the country getting hit by winter storms one after another. Then there was a bad prediction by a few groundhogs that set us ...
nicest renovation sign ever

Nicest Renovation Sign Ever – Funny Sign Friday

Funny Construction Sign Ahead! Most safety signs are dry and official sounding. Take’s selection of ANSI / OSHA construction site signs for example. There are a ton of danger and warning signs that tell you that there are serious, life-threatening hazards in the area. The messages are direct, ...
No Parking Signs

Rogue Parking Signs Clarify NYC Regulations

Image Based Explanation of Parking Signs The city of New York recently gave their parking signs an overhaul, reducing the amount of text on their signs and hopefully making them easier to understand. The old signs displayed the parking hours before the days and other more important information, and had lots of text ...
cars will be fine

Parked Cars Will Be Fine – Funny Sign Friday

It’s OK, You’ll Be Fine… We’ve written more than a few blog posts about confusing, misleading, and outright incorrect parking signs used around the world. Very few of these parking signs are as perfectly misguided as today’s Funny Sign Friday winner: “Reserved; Illegally Parked Cars ...
Reflective Orange Cones

This Week’s Top Safety Articles

Popular Parking and Traffic Sign Stories 1. Twenty Is Plenty – Homemade Speed Limit Signs New York City saw some new speed limit signs, even though the city didn’t order them. Citizens who are disappointed that their community has either been rejected as a “slow zone” or are still waiting for ...