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James Brown Honored with Street Sign

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Harlem Street Renamed for Famous Singer Image Via James Brown Way is the newest street in New York City. The legendary singer and “Godfather of ...
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Funny Sign Friday – Thanksgiving Edition

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Thanks for the Turkey Coma The Funny Sign Friday team would like to wish you and yours a very happy, safe, and plentiful Thanksgiving holiday. We’re ...
gobble til you wobble
Winter Driving Safety

Early Winter Weather Slows Road Construction

Snow and Cold Cease Construction The National Weather Service has just recorded freezing temperatures in every state. Yes, even in Hawaii, where on Mauna Kea, a 13,800 foot tall volcano, temperatures dropped below the freezing point. The unseasonably frigid temperatures aren’t the problem is some areas where ...
spanish safety sign

Growth of Spanish Speaking Workers Places Importance on Bilingual Training

Spanish and Bilingual Signs, Training Needed With Spanish speaking workers taking up a large part of our workforce, especially in states like Texas, California, and New Mexico, safety managers are now put into a position where safety training and procedures need to overcome cultural and language barriers. If the ...
yawns are silent screams for coffee

Screams for Coffee – Funny Sign Friday

Stop Yawning and Drink Coffee Available exclusively from the Funny Sign Friday development team – the last coffee related sign that your office (or breakfast table) will ever need. If you use coffee to fuel your morning, like the 100 million Americans who do everyday, your day drags on and on if ...
home security signs

New Home Security Signs Now Available

New Home Security Signs for Your Yard When Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home,” he was likely speaking about stability in one’s family, but that’s not to say that his quote doesn’t refer to security from crime. Reassurance ...
Bicycle Road Signs

Voters Agree on Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety Measures Move Forward in San Francisco After San Francisco, California, saw 28 traffic related deaths of pedestrians and cyclists this year, the city’s voters spoke up last week at the polls. The city’s citizens voted in support of Proposition A, which drops $500 million into measures to ...
works well with others

I Work Well With Others – Funny Sign Friday

I Swear, I Work Well With Others… “Honestly, Boss, I have been working well with (most of) the other members of our team since I’ve started here (yesterday). In fact, it’s something that I pride myself on – my elementary school teachers never thought that I could do it, but I sure showed ...
Bikes May Use Full Lane

New Traffic Safety Apps Introduced

Mobile Apps Made to Keep Us Safe AT&T recently hosted a competition to spur app developers to help find solutions to traffic safety issues in our cities. The competition, Connected Intersections, was meant to bring together of digital world with that of drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. By developing traffic ...
Construction Signs

OSHA Updates Crane Safety Requirements

New Directive for Inspections Released When cranes and derricks are being operated on a job site, many safety preparations must be taken to make workers alert of the serious danger that these machines pose. There is, first and foremost, the proper and extensive training that the crane operators must go through, the ...