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Alcohol May Not Solve Your Problems – Funny Sign Friday

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If Alcohol Won’t Do It, What Will? As we head into the homestretch of our month-long #FunnySigns design contest, the Funny Sign Friday team decided to ...
alcohol may not solve your problems

Designer of Famous Las Vegas Sign Dies

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Betty Willis Designed Classic Vegas Icon Image via Instagram (@happy_beck) One of the most recognized signs in the world will be a bit less ...
fabulous las vegas sign
be responsible or train your dog to be

Train Your Dog – Funny Sign Friday

Be Responsible Or Train Your Dog To Be When you are stepping out to put out the trash or grabbing the morning paper, there is no feeling worse than that of something hot and squishy underfoot. You are 98 percent sure of what you just stepped in, but you hold onto that last 2 percent hoping that it is literally ...
fire safety

Red Cross Continues Fire Safety Education

Home Fire Preparedness Campaign Keeps Training and Saving Started towards the end of last year, the American Red Cross Home Fire Preparedness Campaign is part of a five year plan to reduce the number of deaths and injuries due to fire by 25 percent. According to the Red Cross, across the country house fires claim ...
stress reduction v2

From Funny Sign Friday to Reality

You Spoke – We Listened Stress Reduction Sign V 2.0 Back in October of 2014, the Funny Sign Friday team created a little gem of a funny sign known as the stress reduction kit sign (see the original version here). Well, that was one popular sign around the office and with our loyal Funny Sign Friday fans. Due ...
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No Joke – Enter Our #FunnySigns Contest

Design Your Best Funny Signs Today Enter Today! To celebrate April Fool’s Day, has doubled our efforts to make you smile, and that’s no joke! We first expanded our selection of silly signs for your home and office – you can check out the new signs here. Secondly, we are announcing ...
children fishing

Fishing for Children?

Catch a Good One When the weather warms up, three things are on the horizon: Tax Day, baseball season, and fishing season. Few things are as relaxing as spending an afternoon at the old watering hole with your family and a pole in the water. Fishing techniques are often passed down from generation to generation, but ...
osha safety

NC Scaffolding Accident Kills Three

Scaffolding Safety Continues to Be Issue on Construction Sites Working on construction sites exposes workers to numerous types of potential hazards, and among the most common hazards are those regarding scaffolding and ladders. In 2014, fall protection violations topped the Occupational Safety and Health ...

School Diverts Traffic for Pedestrian Safety

Traffic Experiment to Improve Students’ Safety The school district in Monett, Missouri is getting its chance to shut down traffic on 9th Street, which runs through the middle school campus, and the diversion would be separating students from potentially hazardous vehicular traffic. The roughly 400 foot stretch ...

New NFPA Certification Program

Electrical Safety Compliance Program Tests Worker Safety The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has recently announced the introduction of a new certification program for electrical workers. The Certified Electrical Safety Worker certification program is based on this year’s edition of the NFPA 70E ...