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0 Comments | Nov 15, 2013

Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

Happy Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!

Something as rare as a clean refrigerator is only seen a few times in one’s life. We only clean our refrigerators when we really, really need to – when we lose power for a few days and all the food turns green, when we move into a new home or apartment and realize that a lot of our food has turned green, or when it’s Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day (and all the food turns green).

Office Refrigerator Signs

So let’s celebrate this time honored tradition of sticking our heads into the fridge, pulling out furry items, and guessing what they originally were! That way we’ll be able to buy a whole lot more food to let turn green!

If finding spoiled food wasn’t enough incentive to clean out the icebox, think about Thanksgiving.

The Super Bowl of food is only two weeks away, and there will be leftovers. Think about all the turkey (and the trimmings) that slowly turn into turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey tacos, turkey turkey – the list of leftover meal possibilities is endless. Make sure you have enough room in the refrigerator today by tossing the four bottles of mustard (who really needs four mustards?) to make room for the leftover cranberry sauce.

While we’re cleaning, let’s turn our attention to the most dangerous workplace hazard of them all – throwing out junk from the office refrigerator!

Look, if there’s ever a day to gut the beast of forgotten food, it’s Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. But before you roll up your sleeves, send out a company wide email alerting everyone that it’s the day of reckoning for old food. Maybe somebody from accounting really wants to save that hardly used bottle of ranch salad dressing. It’s OK, give that accountant a chance to save condiments before the garbage overflows with old, musty, molding, and ruddy looking meals that have old been forgotten.

That’s enough talking, let’s start cleaning! And again, Happy Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day!

Feature Image Credit: c_fluffy via Compfight cc

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