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0 Comments | May 17, 2017

A Quick Warehouse Safety Checklist

Warehouses carry a variety of safety hazards from forklifts, heavy objects, falling objects, and more. We’ve compiled a short warehouse safety checklist to touch upon what these hazards are and what you can do to prevent them.

Getting Too Comfortable With Heavy Equipment

Using equipment like a forklift everyday can cause some workers to become too comfortable with it and forget it is hazard just like a machine. Stay alert to your surroundings and cautious when handling any kind of machinery.

Handling Heavy Objects 

It’s important to be aware of any heavy objects that may fall on you while moving them. Organize boxes safely by stacking the heavy ones neatly on the lower or middle shelves.

Avoid Injuring Your Body 

Practice safe lifting techniques to prevent bodily pain and injuries. Keep your back straight as you bend your knees to pick up the load. Lift from your knees and not your back. Need a reminder? Check out our Safety Lifting Signs page.

Use The Right Signage

It’s important to clearly locate exit areas, eyewash stations, fire extinguishers, first-aid kits etc. Displaying these signs in a warehouse facility is necessary and required. Failure to do so can cause harm to workers in the warehouse..

Prevent Slips and Trips 

Make sure you decrease the chances of slipping or tripping by maintaining a clean floor. Sawdust, boxes, and liquids are a few slip/trip hazards within a warehouse. Try using floor tape to prevent slipping from occurring. sells a variety of floor tapes, floor stands, and security floor decals to help meet all your warehouse needs to insure a safe workplace.

We offer a wide variety of Warehouse Signs that comply with OSHA safety standards and help get your messages across.

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