Green Enamel U-Channel Post Breakaway System
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Use with posts weighing 2 lbs./ft.

Green Enamel U-Channel Post Breakaway System

Use with posts weighing 2 lbs./ft.

Splice Type: Green Breakaway Safety Splice

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Breakaway Sign Post System / Safety Splice

The Green Enamel U-Channel Post Breakaway System meets FHWA safety guidelines and is AASHTO approved. The green enamel coated finish provides the more “natural” look, allowing the post to blend in better with the surrounding environment. It is also the more economical choice for break away sign posts.

Upon impact, the breakaway system is designed to allow the sign post to break away from the anchor post. This allows for the anchor post, and usually the sign post, to be reused, even after accidents occur. Simply bolt the post back into the base post using a replacement hardware kit. It’s very simple and saves you from digging the base out of the ground and installing a new one.

This breakaway system consists of the components specified below and has been designed to break away at the stub upon impact. When the assembly is struck the only part that suffers any damage is the top post making it easier to replace and install a new top post using the 3' anchor already in the ground.

One 3 ft Post Anchor (2 lb/ft green u-channel post) to be used only with 8 ft or 10ft top posts.
Two high-performance Grade 9 full thread bolts, two unique cylindrical spacers and nuts.
  • U-channel Breakaway sign post system

Our U-Channel Breakaway Sign Post System offers a tensile strength of 70,000 PSI - exactly the right strength for break-away post systems. All this strength, vehicle impact is transmitted through the post to the splice hardware. Systems using higher yield strength posts are brittle and can fracture at the point of impact (bumper height), scraping the bottom of the vehicle or puncturing the passenger compartment, the fuel tank, or both.

Our breakaway sign post system costs considerably less than other competitive U-channel break-away systems. We only use two special bolts and spacers to join the base to the top post, your installation crews can install more posts faster; they will spend less time working by the side of the road, thus reducing their exposure to the risk of traffic-related injuries.

This system securely nests and bolts two U-Channel posts together, yet breaks away on impact. The system has been tested and approved for multiple post installations. For single or multiple post installations, our Breakaway System stands up to a variety of wind pressure conditions and meets the new FHWA guidelines.

Breakaway Sign Post Installation:

  1. Dig a small, shallow hole approximately 6 inches in diameter and 2 inches deep; drive the ground post into the center of the hole leaving the top 4 inches above grade level exposed.
  2. Place one bolt in the 1st and 5th holes in the ground post. Slide a spacer and push-on retaining washer onto each bolt, leaving both bolts ends exposed.
  3. The top post is then nested over the end of the ground post and seated on the bolts. Lock nuts and washers are then installed and tightened and the earth around the post hole replaced and tamped firmly to complete the installation.
  • Safety Splice Installation



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