Street Cones

Use them to funnel traffic through your driveway or block certain areas.

Street Cones
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NCHRP 350 Approved


42'' Cone with 2 reflective bands and 16lbs Rubber Base. Comfortable Hand Support For Lifting New Light Mounting Hole (3/4" dia.) with Recessed Bolt Protector






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This 42" Cone with Reflective Bands and 16lb. Base uses informational messages or images for traffic and pedestrian safety concerns. A 42" Cone with Reflective Bands and 16lb. Base is a useful device to help protect the health and safety on roadways, but is not an alternative for required protective measures for eliminating or abating hazards.

Product Information


42" Orange Cone With Reflective Bands

42" Reflective Cones are ballasted by a 16 lb base. Simply drop the recycled rubber base over the cone stem and you’re ready to go to work.

 Orange Cone With Reflective Bands

  • Made of flexible low density polyethylene.
  • Bright orange color molded throughout.
  • UV inhibitors to minimize fading.
  • Grabber-Cones with (1) 4'' and (1) 6'' band of white reflective sheeting.
  • Rubber Bases composite construction offers strength and durability.
  • Bases are made from 100% recycled rubber( Weight 16 lbs.)
  • Stackable with its reinforced handle design.
  • This Cone can support the weight of stacked cones and bases without permanent distortion.
  • Its low density polyethylene material and handle design prevents the cones from sticking together when stacked.
  • It can be stacked with or without bases.
  • Bases will not crush when run over.
  • Meets Federal MUTCD standards.


Samples of Printed Flat Blade Signs with Street Numbers
Option 1: Safety Sign mounted
(4 corner holes) using Jack Chain.
Samples of Printed Flat Blade Signs with Street Numbers
Option 2: Post mounted sign
(2 holes top and bottom) using 36" Nylon Tie.



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