Custom Handicap Supplemental Plates

The sign image shown to the right is for preview purposes only. Actual product may appear slightly different.

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Supplemental Plaque Background Options

Choose your sign background from the options below. Other colors are available upon request.

Custom Copy

Refer to preview on the right to view the finished design. To change text size and alignment use controls below. Please note, that the size of the custom text may appear smaller than the rest of the text. We will resize this accordingly before production.

Custom Copy font
Custom Copy fontsize
Custom Copy alignment

Material Options

Select below from any of the material options available and look to the right to view the different price breaks for each material selected. Click the info icon to learn more about our materials and their characteristics. Read about the EG Reflective change from 3M EGP Reflective to 3M Advanced Flexible Engineer Grade 7310.

MaterialVisibilityResistanceOutdoor DurabilityService TemperatureInfo
5 to 7 Years
-40° to 212° F
More Information
Good Reflective
Up to 7 Years
-10°F - 130°F
More Information
Better Reflective
Fading and Mild Chemicals
7 to 10 Years
-10°F - 130°F
More Information
Best Reflective
10+ Years
-10°F - 130°F
More Information
Anti-Graffiti Overlaminate

Our anti-graffiti overlaminate is a valuable upgrade that helps protect your investment. This special film is designed to protect graphics from scratches, increase the lifespan of your sign, and make it easy to clean many kinds of spray paint, permanent marker, and stickers from your sign.

Mounting Options

Standard mounting holes are included on each custom sign and are pre-selected below. Options for no mounting holes as well as other mounting hole arrangements are available for a small upcharge. These options carry an additional cost because they require a different production method.

Special Instructions

Recommended Accessories

Product Information

Rigid Material: Rust Free Aluminum

  • Rust free aluminum signs usually coated white on both sides.
  • Graphics are digital or screen printed with UV inks.
  • Aluminum will not chip, crack or rust.
  • Aluminum is one of the most durable material options offered, with excellent resistance to harsh weather conditions.
  • Printed image will resist fading and mild chemicals.
  • Outdoor Durability: 5 to 7 years
  • Service Temp Range: -40°F to 212°F
  • Ink Features: Printed with UV Inks
  • Printing Process: Digital or Screen Printed
  • Antigraffiti Over laminate: Available at an additional cost, see options below.

Engineering Grade (EG) Reflective Aluminum

  • These signs are made of a beaded material that resists fading and will not chip, crack, or rust. Signs manufactured with this material can last up to 7 years and service temperatures ranging from -40°F to 200°F. Our signs are highly resistant against the extremes of hot, cold, dry, and humid weathering conditions. Graphics on these signs will resist fading and mild chemicals.
  • Rust free aluminum sheet over laminated with Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting.
  • Graphics are printed using any of the following printing methods: translucent inks (screen printing), applied vinyl graphics and/or thermal transfer (digital printing); translucent ink or film is not applicable to the color black
  • Aluminum will not chip, crack or rust.
  • Printed image will resist fading and mild chemicals.
  • Outdoor Durability: up to 7 years (except orange)
  • Service Temp Range: -40°F to 200°F
  • Antigraffiti Overlaminate: Available at an additional cost.


Parking / Street / Facility Or Fence Mount Signs

To view and print a PDF version of this page, click on this link: Parking Signs Informational Page PDF →

To Learn about the Materials used in the making of this sign, refer to the Tab called "Material Descriptions..."

Sign Construction:

  • These signs are printed with digital or silk screening UV inks on Coated Aluminum or Reflective Aluminum.
  • Aluminum signs will not rust and will last longer than plastic or steel signs.
  • Hole configuration on parking signs is illustrated below. All signs are supplied with 2 holes at 3/8” dia. (top & bottom).
  • These signs have been designed for the following applications: post, fence, or wall mounting.
  • These signs do not have any overlamination.
  • Image / Text on signs is printed directly onto the material.

Sign Configuration

Parking Sign Configuration

Sign Mounting on U-Channel Post

U-channel Post Mounting

What accessories do you need when mounting signs?
IIf you are mounting signs on a U-Channel Post, the following hardware accessories are required.

  • 1 U-channel post, sizes range from 4ft to 12ft, either Green or Galvanized finishes.
  • 1 Bolting Set (Part # Y3465 or Y4899) Set includes washers and bolts, or
  • 1 Tamperproof Set (Part # Y4900 or Y4901) Set includes washers, one way bolts and break away nuts.
  • 1 Pair of Ribbed Plates (optional) Part # Y4915
  • Please follow the installation steps shown on the illustration.

Click on the link to view Post Installation Guidelines

Sign Mounting on Round Post

Round Post Installation Guide

What accessories do you need when mounting signs? If you are mounting signs to a 2-3/8” Round Post, the following hardware accessories are required.

  • 1 Round Post (2-3/8” dia.) sizes range from 8ft to 12ft
  • 1 Aluminum Interlocking Bracket(Part # Y3457)Set includes 2 brackets and bolt/nuts, or
  • 1 Aluminum Bracket Set (Part # Y3458) Set includes 2 brackets with bolting set to mount 2 signs on each side of post.
  • Please follow the installation steps shown on the illustration.

Click on the link to view Post Installation Guidelines

Parking Sign Viewing Distances Chart:

The viewing distance chart below will function as a recommendation ONLY, this chart is not intended to replace any training guide, regulation or standard. We have put it together to provide key information or recommendations for safe practices. Please confirm with state or federal regulations governing the use of road / traffic and parking signs for exact signs and text size regulations when posting parking or traffic signs.

The viewing distances illustrated below are sign recognition distances for slow moving vehicles and / or walking pedestrians, reaction times have not been considered in the distances and sizes shown on this table.Signs intended for faster moving vehicles need to be larger and require larger text than a sign intended for a pedestrians or slow moving vehicles.

Parking Sign Viewing Distance Chart

Parking Sign Fonts Used by

Brimar uses Highway Font Series for all of our stock parking signs, the names of these fonts are:

  • HGBPIXymbols
  • HGCPIXymbols
  • HGEMPIXymbols
  • HGEPIXymbols

For our Custom Parking signs, we allow our customers to select from a range of custom fonts.

Click on the link to view an illustration of the Highway Font Series.

Best Practices for Posting & Design of Parking Signs:

  • Keep sign message brief.
  • Lettering and sign size should be appropriate for the distance and speed at which a sign is viewed.
  • Use words which are familiar, easy to understand, and comfortable to the viewer.
  • Parking signs should convey no more than one concept or thought.
  • Unnecessary information on signs will confuse the viewer.
  • Always consider the landscaping surrounding a sign when determining the sign size and placement.
  • Signs should not be obstructed from view; make sure sign is posted in a highly visible place.
  • Signs should be visible to both pedestrian and vehicles; position signs where they will be clearly legible at all times.
  • Do not place signs in locations where people may walk into them.
  • Do not place signs any closer than 12" to a walkway
  • The size of Parking and No Parking signs is considerably smaller than Traffic Signs (Stop, Yield, Do Not Enter, etc) because they are viewed at slower speeds, have high target values, and have easy-to-read legends.

Parking / Street / Fence Mount Sign Facts:

Parking signs can be used in many instances to communicate state, federal, or private property regulations, rules, consequences of parking, requirements, and many more types of information. State Regulated signs are normally posted by towns or municipalities, while private property signs are posted only by owners of the private property.

Brimar has classified parking signs as:

Signs to communicate state or federal regulations, like handicapped parking and fire lane parking restrictions. These type of signs are ruled by either town, state, or federal regulations, and there are usually fines associated to the violations indicated on the signs.

Examples of town, state and federal parking signs:

  • Yellow Lines will have signs posted with the wording “No Parking”
  • Controlled Parking Zones: a controlled zone is an area of restricted parking
  • Handicapped or Disable Parking: normally found in parking lots. Violation of handicapped regulations means fines up to $500.00 depending on the state you are in.
  • Fire Lane / Zone Parking Signs: normally prohibit parking on certain areas marked in yellow with words like FIRE LANE OR FIRE ZONE NO PARKING.
  • Road Signs that read “NO PARKING”, “No Parking Any Time”, “No Parking This Side of Street” “No Stopping or Standing”. These signs if not respected could and will result in Traffic Tickets
  • Bus Stops and Stands
  • Taxi Bays
  • Loading and Unloading Zones
  • Time Limit Zones

Public or Private property parking signs. These signs will vary tremendously in information. For example there are parking lot signs, Specific Customer and Visitor Parking, Tenant / Resident Parking, Tow Away Parking, Dumpster Rules, Do Not Bblock Driveway, Employee Parking, and many more

Links to Industries and Government Institutions Governing Signs:

Go to MUTCD Traffic Signs Page →



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