Flat Surface Foam Bumper

Ideal for flat edges and surfaces

Flat Surface Foam Bumper
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Type C: Flat Surfaces Protection Guard with 2 self adhesive strips included. Protects against injuries and equipment damage. Bumper Guard with a flat back ideal for flat edges, around machines, or high risk surfaces.
Bumper Type: Flat Surface Foam Bumper

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Each Flat Surface Foam Bumper can be applied to flat surfaces to prevent injuries or equipment damage. This bumper has a 1-5/16" wide flat area that allows it to work great on a wide variety of surfaces. Each bumper has adhesive strips for application to walls, machinery, carts, etc.

Product Information


Bumper Guards Product Information

What material makes up this cushion?

  • Recyclable Polyurethane Foam

What is the temperature range of this material?

  • From -35°Celsius/-31°Fahrenheit to 80°Celsius/176°Fahrenheit in normal dry conditions.

How is this item installed?

  • Type A, C, and 3D-Corners: 2 self-adhesive strips.
  • Type B: non-adhesive. Clean surface where the item shall be applied to. Press groove onto the railing. If stronger bond is desired, apply special adhesive. Then firmly press-apply bumper guard type B to a clean, dry, dust-free surface.

Is mounting hardware included?

  • No mounting hardware

What can this material be mounted to?

  • Type A: any corner with a 90° angle, typically wall corners, machinery, equipment, overhead protrusions, objects like mail delivery carts, etc.
  • Type B: railings, shelves, machinery, equipment, forklifts, trucks, etc.
  • Type C: any flat surface, e.g., on machinery, equipment, walls, overhead protrusions, etc.
  • 3D-Corners: as end-caps for continuous bumper types A, B, C; on pointed furniture corners (bookcases, metal filing cabinets, etc).

Can this material be used indoors, outdoors or both?

  • Black-Yellow recommended for indoor use but has successfully been used outside. Photoluminescent and Fluorescent/Photoluminescent Types ONLY FOR INDOOR use.

Is this material weather resistant?

  • Black-Yellow typically yes (yet we typically recommend it for indoor use).

Is this material flexible or rigid?

  • Bendable, yet neither flexible nor rigid.

What is the temperature range of the adhesive?

  • From -35° Celsius = -31° Fahrenheit to 80° Celsius = 176° Fahrenheit in normal dry conditions. If soapy water or frost penetrate the space between adhesive and object surface, such unusually harsh conditions may result in loosening.

What type of adhesive is on the adhesive-backed strips?

  • Light and aging resistant, modified, durable Acrylic Adhesive. Adhesive Strength: 25 Newton per Inch.

What is the purpose/benefit of this material (i.e. withstand impact, guard, align, etc)

  • Make protrusions and obstacles along the way brightly visible.
  • avoid the risk of injury because a person hits the soft, cushioned bumper guard instead of a sharp, pointed corner or hard metal object.
  • protect building features by reducing the damage to corners (imagine carts constantly cutting a corner and damaging the corner edge …)
  • protect equipment & machinery.

Thickness of Material

  • Approx. 1-inch 9/16” diameter for most round styles. See individual graphics for more details.

What is the finish of this material? (i.e. textured/pebbled, smooth, shiny…etc)

  • Matte smooth finish for the black-yellow bumpers. Shiny smooth finish for the photoluminescent and fluorescent/photoluminescent bumpers.

Length of the Bumper Guards

  • 39-3/8” length (exactly 1 meter) on the shelf, ready to supply right away.
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