Custom DOT Hazard Placards with UN Number available in 10.75 x 10.75''

DOT placards are signs that are required by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to be displayed on the sides of vehicles that are transporting certain types of hazardous materials. The placards are used to quickly and easily identify the type of hazard present on a vehicle, and help first responders and other emergency personnel respond appropriately in case of an accident or incident. The placards are standardized and have specific colors and symbols that are used to indicate the type of hazard present. They are also required to be of a certain size and displayed in specific locations on a vehicle. Learn more about DOT Placards.

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Custom DOT Hazard Placards with UN Number available in 10.75 x 10.75''
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1. DOT Placard Options

Below we offer all the different DOT placards available for customization. Placards are classified and organized by Hazard Classification, to learn more about regulations and classification, click on the link above.

2. UN Number Area

UN Numbers are four-digit numbers used to identify hazardous substances/materials in the framework of international transport. To find the appropriate UN Number for your placard and / or application, follow this link to search for you number: List of UN Numbers. Refer to preview on the side to view finished design.

3. Material Options

Select below from any of the material options available and look to the right to view the different price breaks for each material selected. Click the info icon to learn more about our materials and their characteristics.

MaterialVisibilityResistanceOutdoor DurabilityService TemperatureInfo
Fading and Mild Chemicals
4 to 5 Years
-20° to 176° F
Fading and Mild Chemicals
1 to 2 Years
-40°F to 176°F
4 to 5 Years
-40° to 160° F
Fading and Mild Chemicals
2 to 3 Years
0° to 158° F
Anti-Graffiti Overlaminate

Our anti-graffiti overlaminate is a valuable upgrade that helps protect your investment. This special film is designed to protect graphics from scratches, increase the lifespan of your sign, and make it easy to clean many kinds of spray paint, permanent marker, and stickers from your sign.

Mounting Options

Standard mounting holes are included on each custom sign and are pre-selected below. Options for no mounting holes as well as other mounting hole arrangements are available for a small upcharge. These options carry an additional cost because they require a different production method.

6. Special Instructions

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