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Certified Non PCB Label

Certified Non PCB Label
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Certified The Dielectric Fluid In This Unit Has Been Tested To Determine The Amount Of Polychlorinated Biphenyl(s) (PCB Co … See Full Text
  • A.U.C. 266, 1.5.4
  • LEED Compliant
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A Certified Non PCB Label has safety text and/or images for chemical safety protocol and compliance. A Certified Non PCB Label is a useful tool to help protect the health and safety of staff, and is not a substitute for necessary protective measures for lessening or eliminating hazards.
Certified The Dielectric Fluid In This Unit Has Been Tested To Determine The Amount Of Polychlorinated Biphenyl(s) (PCB Content). We Certify That Based On The Test Sample, The Fluid Contained Less Than 50 Ppm PCB And Is Therefore Classified A Non-PCB As Defined In The August 25, 1982, Vol. 47 No. 165 Of The Federal Register.
6″ Square
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1–5 6–10 11+
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PCB Labels

To view and print a PDF version of this page, click on this link: SafetySign.com PCB Labels PDF

Label Construction:

  • These labels are digital or screen printed with UV inks.
  • Labels are sold in packages of 25.
  • Before applying, surface must be clean and dry.
  • Labels do not have any overlamination.
  • Image / Text on labels is printed directly onto the material.

About PCBs

PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls) are most commonly found in electrical equipment such as transformers, klystrons, capacitors, and fluorescent light ballasts that were manufactured before 1979. PCB-containing equipment or PCB- contaminated material is strictly regulated under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

  • Regulations require that all equipment or items (in use or decommissioned) that contain a PCB concentration greater than 50 ppm must be labeled as PCB contaminated.

PCB Hazards

PCBs are known to cause chronic reproductive effects, gastric disorders, and skin lesions in laboratory animals, and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified PCBs as probable human carcinogens. In humans and animals, PCBs accumulate in fatty tissues. In the environment, PCBs degrade very slowly, so they pose a risk to animals all along a food chain because they bio-accumulate.

PCB Label Requirements:

  • All electrical equipment that contains more than 50 ppm PCBs must be prominently labeled as PCB contaminated.
  • When a PCB item is decommissioned, the date it was put out of service must be included on the label.
  • To dispose of PCB-contaminated items, request a container from Waste Management (WM) by indicating the type of waste and "PCBs" on the Hazardous Waste Pickup and Empty Container Request Form.1 (see link to form below)
  • The delivered container will be marked both as "Hazardous Waste" and with the yellow PCB label.
  • If the PCB concentration is unknown, testing and analysis may be called for, as determined by WM.

Safety Signs Objectives:

The yellow PCB label with black printing identifies PCB-contaminated hazardous waste. That is, the PCB concentration is or may be above 50 ppm. The primary waste that falls into this category is fluorescent light ballasts, but this label is also used for PCB storage areas as well as PCB containers that hold such waste as soil, oil, and also wipes that have been used to clean a PCB related spill.

No PCB Compliant labels
Size Width Height Average
Text Size
Max Viewing
Available Materials Diagram
6″ Square 6″ 6″ 3/16″ Up to 4′ 8″
  • 3.5 Mil Peel and Stick Vinyl Label
The viewing distances listed in this chart reflect the maximum viewing distance for the sign under favorable viewing conditions.
Favorable viewing conditions are those which allow for a clear, unobstructed view of the message on the sign. Examples of favorable viewing conditions are a bright lighting source over the sign, clear weather conditions, and a clear line of sight with no obstructions blocking the view of the sign from certain angles and no other nearby signs creating distractions.
In unfavorable conditions, the sign is viewable at up to half the favorable distance. Unfavorable viewing conditions are those which make it difficult to read the message of the sign. Examples of this are poor lighting such as a dimly lit room, obstructions blocking the view of the sign from certain angles, poor weather conditions, and other signs posted nearby which create a distraction.
It is the responsibility of the end user to determine the correct size, viewing distance, sign positioning, and sign size for your specific hazard. According to the ANSI Z535.2 sign standard, a ratio of 25 feet of viewing distance per inch of text height, under favorable viewing conditions, should be used to determine the size of your sign. Under unfavorable viewing conditions, such as in low light or for signs with complex messages, the ratio of viewing distance to text height is 12.5 feet to 1 inch.
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Material Thickness Outdoor Durability Service Temp. Range Available
Adhesive-Backed Vinyl Outdoor grade high gloss calendared vinyl film, and coated with aggressive LEED compliant acrylic adhesive formulated to adhere to a variety of surfaces, ensuring durability in most commercial and industrial environments. Resistant to fading and mild chemicals. This material is in compliance with the standards set forth by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Rule #1168 and the Green Seal Standard, GS-36 for commercial adhesives pertaining to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Clean and dry surface before applying. Minimum application temperature is 50°F. 3.5 mils 4 to 5 Years -20° to 176° F
  • 6″ Square
Engineering Grade
High Intensity Prismatic
Diamond Grade
  NoneEngineering GradeHigh Intensity PrismaticDiamond Grade
ATSM D956 Type Type I Type IV Type IX
Brightness Standard Material 3x More 10x More
Night-Time Visibility 500' 1,000' 1,500'
SafetySign.com understands that the Certified Non PCB Label may not be available in a material that meets your requirements. Please contact our customer service team today and we’ll be happy to work with you to find the right material for your needs. Contact us now.
Using the latest digital printing processes, your Certified Non PCB Label is printed without set-up charges or minimums. Advanced processes like these also reduce set-up times, helping to get your labels shipped out faster than ever. SafetySign.com prints your text and graphics straight onto the substrate without the need for lamination. Your UV ink printed Certified Non PCB Label will not peel, unlike labels from companies that laminate graphics over the label material.
SafetySign Printing
Printing Methods

We choose our printing processes for each product carefully so you receive the best quality product at the lowest price with industry-leading turnaround times. Depending on your size, material, quantity, and other factors, your sign will print using one of our carefully-tested methods.

SafetySign Printing
Cross-Hatch Ink Adhesion Test

SafetySign.com’s advanced printing process undergoes a stringent cross-hatching test. This specifically tests the adhesion and resistance to separation of the inks from the sign. In testing, a sample from the printing process is scored and covered in adhesive tape. The tape is removed and the sample assessed for adhesion quality.

We use a three-stage process to test all of our printing processes. We print our signs using only the processes that pass all three stages, giving you the highest quality signage possible.

SafetySign Printing

The text is printed in Arial Black font.

The Certified Non PCB Label from SafetySign.com uses this font to create a bold message that stands out in order to grab your attention, while also remaining clearly legible at the maximum safe viewing distance of the product.

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