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Caution Contains PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) A Toxic Environmental Contaminant Requiring Special Handling And Disposal In Accordance With U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regulations 40 CFR 761 For Disposal Information Contact The Nearest U.S. E.P.A. Office. In Case Of Accident Or Spill, Call The U.S. Coast Guard Response Center 800-424-8802 Also Contact _____ Tel. No. _____
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Caution Contains PCBs Label






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This Caution Contains PCBs Label uses safety text and/or images for chemical safety protocol and compliance. A Caution Contains PCBs Label is a useful device to help protect the health and safety of personnel, but is not an alternative for required protective measures for eliminating or abating hazards.

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PCB Labels

To view and print a PDF version of this page, click on this link: PCB Labels PDF

Label Construction:

  • These labels are digital or screen printed with UV inks.
  • Labels are sold in packages of 25.
  • Before applying, surface must be clean and dry.
  • Labels do not have any overlamination.
  • Image / Text on labels is printed directly onto the material.

About PCBs

PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls) are most commonly found in electrical equipment such as transformers, klystrons, capacitors, and fluorescent light ballasts that were manufactured before 1979. PCB-containing equipment or PCB- contaminated material is strictly regulated under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

Regulations require that all equipment or items (in use or decommissioned) that contain a PCB concentration greater than 50 ppm must be labeled as PCB contaminated.

PCB Hazards

PCBs are known to cause chronic reproductive effects, gastric disorders, and skin lesions in laboratory animals, and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified PCBs as probable human carcinogens. In humans and animals, PCBs accumulate in fatty tissues. In the environment, PCBs degrade very slowly, so they pose a risk to animals all along a food chain because they bio-accumulate.

PCB Label Requirements:

  • All electrical equipment that contains more than 50 ppm PCBs must be prominently labeled as PCB contaminated.
  • When a PCB item is decommissioned, the date it was put out of service must be included on the label.
  • To dispose of PCB-contaminated items, request a container from Waste Management (WM) by indicating the type of waste and "PCBs" on the Hazardous Waste Pickup and Empty Container Request Form.1 (see image of form below)
  • The delivered container will be marked both as "Hazardous Waste" and with the yellow PCB label.
  • If the PCB concentration is unknown, testing and analysis may be called for, as determined by WM.

Safety Signs Objectives:

The yellow PCB label with black printing identifies PCB-contaminated hazardous waste. That is, the PCB concentration is or may be above 50 ppm. The primary waste that falls into this category is fluorescent light ballasts, but this label is also used for PCB storage areas as well as PCB containers that hold such waste as soil, oil, and also wipes that have been used to clean a PCB related spill.

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