Confined Space Keep Out Floor Sign
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Floor Sign Reads
Danger Confined Space Keep Out Unless Authorized
ECCN Certification

Confined Space Keep Out Floor Sign






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Product Information


Anti-slip Floor Markers

Warn Against Potential Hazards And Provide an Anti-Slip Surface At The Same Time.

Anti-Slip Safety Floor Markers
Often the best place and sometimes the only place for an important message is the floor or your facility.
Our floor markers have a heavy clear textured surface that allows messages to be read while at the same time providing an anti-skid surface.
Strong adhesive and tough overlamination make these markers durable enough for the heaviest traffic areas.

Product Description:

  • Floor markers are manufactured with 4 mil adhesive backed vinyl film.
  • Supplied with a heavy adhesive backing for permanent adhesion to any surface.
  • Overlaminated with clear Anti-Slip PVC (clear overlamination).
  • Clear overlamination consists of a coarse textured resilient top surface.
  • Non-abrasive embossed clear overlamination.
  • Easily cleaned and mop friendly.
  • Material Flexibility For All Materials: Conform to either curved or flat surfaces.
  • Service Temp Range For All Materials: 0°F to 122°F.
  • Floor markers are available in 3 standard sizes:
    • 17-1/2” Circles
    • 24 x 6” Rectangles
    • 14 x 20” Signs
  • Application for Markers other than Glow in the Dark: Ideal for either indoor or outdoor use.
  • Surface Preparation For All Materials: smooth, oil-free clean and dry surface.
  • Min. Application Temp For All Materials: 50° F.
  • New “Glow in the Dark” floor markers for low light or no light applications.
  • Glow in the dark material typically used in no light and low light applications, as well as emergency situations of power loss. Ideal to identify emergency exits and equipment. Signs will glow for 10 hours in continuous darkness. Material is charged by any light source in 15 to 60 minutes, depending on light intensity. This material meets or exceeds DIN 67510-I, ASTM 2072, ISO 15370, IMO Res. A.752 (18), JIS Z9100, NYC RS6-1.
  • Printed image will resist fading and mild chemicals.
  • Glow in the Dark Markers Type of light source - cool white light sources, such as fluorescent lighting and sunshine, are excellent activators. Soft warm lighting, such as incandescent light bulbs, is at the lower activation end.
  • Glow in the Dark Markers Length of Illumination - at least 60 minutes of activation are recommended.
  • Glow in the Dark Markers Outdoor Durability - Indoor use only.
  • Anti-Slip Floor Markers



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