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Posted Private Property Hunting, Fishing, Trapping Or Trespassing For Any Purpose Is Strictly Forbidden Violators Will Be Prosecuted Name:_____ Address:_____
11½″ Square
Material Packaging Mounting Holes Sku Quantity/Price
1–2 3–4 5–9 10–19 20–39 40+
6.3 Mil Tyvek® Sold in Rolls of 100 - perforated every 11.5 inches N/A F6051C $33.50 $31.75 $30.25 $28.75 $27.25 $25.95
12″ Square
Material Packaging Mounting Holes Sku Quantity/Price
1–2 3–4 5–9 10–19 20–39 40+
.024″ Rust-Free Aluminum Sold Individually Four 7/32″ holes (one in each corner) F6051B $6.75 $6.50 $6.00 $5.50 $5.00 $4.50
.023″ Polyethylene Plastic Sold in Packages of 10 Four 7/32″ holes (one in each corner) F6051A $29.50 $27.50 $25.00 $22.50 $20.00 $17.50
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Material Specifications:
Outdoor Durability:
Service Temp Range:
Max Recommended
Viewing Distance*
Up To
Please see Size Tab below for more details.
* Under favorable viewing conditions.
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Brimar's Posted Signs are available in 3 material options

12 x 12" .023" thick Outdoor Durable Plastic: supplied with 4 corner holes at 7/32"
12 x 12" .024" thick Coated Rust Free Aluminum: supplied with 4 corner holes at 7/32"

Yellow Posted Sign, Private Property

11.5 x 11.5" 6.3 mil Tyvek, supplied in Rolls of 100 perforated signs.

Yellow Posted Sign, Private Property
Size Width Height Average
Text Size
Max Viewing
Available Materials Mounting Holes Diagram
11½″ Square 11½″ 11½″ 11/32″ Up to 8′ 9″
  • 6.3 Mil Tyvek®
N/A Diagram
12″ Square 12″ 12″ ½″ Up to 12′ 6″
  • .023″ Polyethylene Plastic
  • .024″ Rust-Free Aluminum
Four 7/32″ Holes (#10 or 3/16″ screws recommended) Diagram
The viewing distances listed in this chart reflect the maximum viewing distance for the sign under favorable viewing conditions.
Favorable viewing conditions are those which allow for a clear, unobstructed view of the message on the sign. Examples of favorable viewing conditions are a bright lighting source over the sign, clear weather conditions, and a clear line of sight with no obstructions blocking the view of the sign from certain angles and no other nearby signs creating distractions.
In unfavorable conditions, the sign is viewable at up to half the favorable distance. Unfavorable viewing conditions are those which make it difficult to read the message of the sign. Examples of this are poor lighting such as a dimly lit room, obstructions blocking the view of the sign from certain angles, poor weather conditions, and other signs posted nearby which create a distraction.
It is the responsibility of the end user to determine the correct size, viewing distance, sign positioning, and sign size for your specific hazard. According to the ANSI Z535.2 sign standard, a ratio of 25 feet of viewing distance per inch of text height, under favorable viewing conditions, should be used to determine the size of your sign. Under unfavorable viewing conditions, such as in low light or for signs with complex messages, the ratio of viewing distance to text height is 12.5 feet to 1 inch.
More Options understands that the Yellow Posted Private Property Sign may not be available in the size that you require. Please contact our customer service team today and we’ll be happy to work with you to produce exactly what you need. Contact us now.
Material Thickness Outdoor Durability Service Temp. Range Available
Tyvek® Tyvek® is a nonwoven material made out of pure high density polyethylene fibres randomly laid and compressed to form a tough printing substrate that is ideal for all applications where durability & tear resistance is essential. It is totally waterproof and resistant to tearing, punctures, UV, chemicals, rot and mildew, as well as staining. Tyvek® can resist repeated folding and flexing without tearing and it can also be glued, laminated, sewn, stapled and fixed. Rolls of Tyvek® signs are perforated for easy separation. 6.3 mils 1 to 2 Years -40° F to 240° F
  • 11½″ Square
Polyethylene Plastic A tough plastic that is rust free and resistant to chips, cracks, fading and mild chemicals. It is an economical alternative to aluminum without a significant compromise in durability. Thicknesses of .055" and less will easily bend to fit certain surfaces without causing material fractures. 0.023″ 3 to 5 Years -40° to 180° F
  • 12″ Square
Rust-Free Aluminum A durable metal material that will not chip, crack, or rust, offers superior resistance to harsh weather conditions, and has good chemical resistance properties. The optimal choice for outdoor usage. 0.024″ 5 to 7 Years -40° to 212° F
  • 12″ Square
Engineering Grade
High Intensity Prismatic
Diamond Grade
  NoneEngineering GradeHigh Intensity PrismaticDiamond Grade
ATSM D956 Type Type I Type IV Type IX
Brightness Standard Material 3x More 10x More
Night-Time Visibility 500' 1,000' 1,500'
   understands that the Yellow Posted Private Property Sign may not be available in a material that meets your requirements. Please contact our customer service team today and we’ll be happy to work with you to find the right material for your needs. Contact us now.
Using the latest printing processes, your Yellow Posted Private Property Sign is printed without set-up charges or minimums. These advanced digital processes also reduce set-up times, helping to get your signs shipped out faster than ever. prints your graphics and text straight onto the substrate without the need for lamination. Your UV ink printed text and graphics will not peel, unlike signs from companies that laminate graphics over the material.
SafetySign Printing
Printing Methods

We choose our printing processes for each product carefully so you receive the best quality product at the lowest price with industry-leading turnaround times. Depending on your size, material, quantity, and other factors, your sign will print using one of our carefully-tested methods.

SafetySign Printing
Cross-Hatch Ink Adhesion Test’s advanced printing process undergoes a stringent cross-hatching test. This specifically tests the adhesion and resistance to separation of the inks from the sign. In testing, a sample from the printing process is scored and covered in adhesive tape. The tape is removed and the sample assessed for adhesion quality.

We use a three-stage process to test all of our printing processes. We print our signs using only the processes that pass all three stages, giving you the highest quality signage possible.

SafetySign Printing

The text is printed in Arial Black and Arial Condensed Bold fonts.

The Yellow Posted Private Property Sign from uses these fonts to create a bold message that stands out in order to grab your attention, while also allowing for a large word message that remains clearly legible.

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