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Exit Sign

BCNY §[C26-606]






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This particular Exit Sign features 8" text height to comply with NYC building code §[C26-606.0] Art. 7 and comes in multiple material options including standard non-glow materials and glow-in-the-dark materials to help identify exits in case of an emergency.

Both glow-in-the-dark polyester and plastic will glow for up to 10 hours when it is charged with an incandescent light source for at least 60 minutes. During daylight, signs are a soft yellow color and in darkness they are photo-luminescent yellow.

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EXIT SIGN with 8" High Text

These code excerpts are provided for guidance purposes only, and are not intended to replace any training guide, regulation or professional consultation. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information stated below. To obtain accurate information, contact your local government agency or purchase the latest EXIT sign regulations at NFPA.org

Sign Construction:

  • These are NOT Electrical Signs, instead they are regular EXIT safety signs.
  • Signs are digital or screen printed with UV inks on plastic, aluminum and vinyl film materials.
  • Adhesive backed vinyl film labels are supplied with round corners only.
  • Aluminum and Plastic signs are supplied with rounded corners and 4 mounting holes.
  • Glow in the dark signs are not recommended for outdoor applications only indoors.
  • Signs do not have any over lamination.
  • Image / Text on signs is printed directly onto the sign material.
  • NYC Compliant EXIT Sign

NEW YORK Title 27 / Subchapter 6 180 ARTICLE 6 EXIT LIGHTING

***§[C26-606.1] 27-383 Requirements.-

(a) Exit signs
Except in occupancy groups J-2 and J-3, the location of every exit on every floor and every opening from a room classified in occupancy group J-1 and containing cubicles shall be clearly indicated by exit signs. Such signs shall be placed at an angle with the exit opening if such placement is required for the signs to serve their purpose. In long corridors, in open floor areas, and in all other situations where the location of the exit may not be readily visible or understood, directional signs shall be provided to serve as guides from all portions of the corridor or floor.
Exit path markings in high rise office buildings and in occupancy group E high rise buildings.- On and after July 1, 2006 all high rise office buildings and all high rise buildings classified in occupancy group E shall have exit path markings conforming to this subdivision. This provision shall be retroactive and shall apply to buildings constructed on and after such date and to buildings in existence on such date. All exit path markings required herein shall be of an approved photoluminescent material. The markings shall be washable, non-toxic, non radioactive, and if subjected to fire must be self extinguishing when the flame is removed.
All doors opening to corridors, to an exit, or to an exit passageway, shall be marked with the word “exit”.
Within exit stairs, horizontal extensions in exit stairs, horizontal exits, supplemental vertical exits and exit passageways, except within street level lobbies, there shall be directional markings.
Required markings for exit paths shall comply with the technical standards for installation and placement to be set forth in a reference standard. Such reference standard shall be designated RS 6-1 and shall be adopted on or before January 1, 2006. ***Local Law 26-2004.

§[C26-606.3] 27-385 Exit sign design.

Exit signs shall read only "exit" and shall be of the externally lighted, internally lighted, or electroluminescent type, except that they may be non illuminated in buildings not provided with artificial lighting.

The letters shall be block lettering at least four and one-half inches high with nine-sixteenths inch strokes, except in buildings and spaces classified in occupancy group F and J-1, where they shall be at least eight inches high with the strokes at least three-quarters of an inch wide.
In locations where breakage may occur, exit signs shall be of shock resistant materials, or shall otherwise be protected against breakage.

§[C26-606.4] 27-386 Directional sign design

Directional exit signs shall comply with all of the requirements for exit signs in section 27-385 of this article, and shall read "EXIT" with a horizontal arrow or arrows indicating the direction to the exit or exits. However, when the arrow is below the letters, the letters may be three and three-eighths inches high and nine sixteenths inch strokes, except in buildings and spaces classified in occupancy group F where they shall be at least five inches high with nine-sixteenths inch strokes. The arrow or arrows shall be red.

§[C26-606.5] 27-387 False exits.

Any door, passageway, stair, or other means of communication that is not an exit or that is not a way to an exit, but is so located as to be mistaken for an exit, shall be identified with a sign reading "NOT AN EXIT," shall be identified by a sign indicating its use or purpose or shall be provided with a directional exit sign.

SafetySign.com does not recommend or specify the use of a specific safety sign because it does not have knowledge of the hazard(s) our customers are identifying. It is the customer’s sole responsibility to identify the hazard(s) that may be present and select one or more signs (stock or custom) that accurately identify their specific hazard(s) and complies with any applicable federal, state or local laws or regulations, any worksite specific rules or regulations and/or any applicable safety standards (including, without limitation, ANSI and/or OSHA standards). SafetySign.com disclaims any and all liability (excluding liability for our Product Warranty contained in our Terms and Conditions) for any sign selected by a customer and shall not be responsible for any personal injury or property damage resulting from the use of signs purchased from it or for the independent interpretation made of any applicable federal, state or local laws or regulations, any worksite specific rules or regulations, and/or any applicable safety standards (including, without limitation, ANSI and/or OSHA standards). Customer shall indemnify and hold SafetySign.com and its corporate parent and its officers, directors and affiliates harmless from and against any and all claims, loss or expense (including attorneys’ fees) arising from or related to the purchase and use by customer or any third party of any sign purchased by customer from SafetySign.com.



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