7 ft and 8ft Composite / Fiberglass Sign Post

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7 ft and 8ft Composite / Fiberglass Sign Post
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75% less weight and 5 times stronger than steel posts. Will not conduct electricity. Composite posts will not rust.






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Composite / Fiberglass Sign Posts weigh 75% less than steel posts, but because of their closed channel design they provide 5 times the torsional strength of steel posts; meaning it will not twist in the wind. Their strength also eliminates the need for any sign support hardware that would prevent potential bending during installation.

Composite materials are quite unique in that they are electrically nonconductive and they do not rust or corrode. This combination makes them the perfect choice for a variety of locations, including utility sites, eco friendly recreational areas, and marinas where posts are exposed to salt water.

Posts come with an array of pre-drilled holes to fit most common sign sizes up to 30”. They’re easy to cut and drill additional holes into for a custom hole pattern. Additionally, posts have an arrow pointed end to make installation easier, so you can use a standard post driver for installation. Each post includes a white cap to prevent water, snow, and other debris from being trapped inside.

Mounting hardware is sold separately. Users should purchase Y4899 or Y4900 for mounting one sign, or Y3465 or Y4901 for mounting two signs on either side of the post.

Posts will be shipped via UPS and FedEx ground.

Product Information


Composite / Fiberglass Posts Accessories & Installation

Sign Mounting on Composite Posts

What do you need when mounting signs ? If you are mounting signs on a Composite Post, the following accessories are required:

  • 1 Composite post, 2 sizes available 7ft to 8ft, in a green finish.
  • 1 Bolting Set (Part# Y3465 or Y4899). Set includes washers and bolts, or
  • 1 Tamperproof Set (Part# Y4900 or Y4901). Set includes washers, one way bolts and break away nuts.
  • 1 Pair of Ribbed Plates (optional) Part# Y4915

Fiberglass Post Mounting

Composite Posts Description

  • Mounts any of the following sizes: 12w x 18h", 12w x 6h", 18w x 24h", 24 x 24" and 30 x 30" signs (vertical layouts with 2 holes)
  • Posts can be used in many different applications.
  • 75% lighter than steel posts.
  • And 5 times stronger than steel posts.
  • These posts will not rust and will not conduct electricity.
  • 2 Sizes available 7ft & 8ft (sign mounting hardware included)
  • Posts are provided with cap to prevent water and snow from being trapped inside
  • Provided also with an arrow-shaped end, making it easier to drive into the ground.
  • Composite posts will mount one sign at the time, or a sign on each side, but no more than that.

U-Channel Post Installation



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