Corner Bolt Set with Jam Nuts - Y3535, Sign Posts and Sign Stands

Corner Bolt Set with Jam Nuts

Corner Bolt Set with Jam Nuts
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5/16" dia. x 18 thread pitch x 2-1/4" long






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Corner bolts are used to secure a square anchor post to the square sign post, or to secure a sleeve to both the anchor post and sign post. These corner bolts will fit both 2" and 2-1/4" anchor posts and square post sleeves. recommends installing two corner bolts on the same plane, per post. Package includes 2 corner bolts and 2 jam nuts.

Product Information


Corner Bolts

Corner bolts are used as the traditional method for connecting a square anchor post to a square signpost, or a square post sleeve to both a signpost and anchor post. Their unique 90° design enables the bolt to attach to one corner of the square post, which provides an adequate breakaway system when the post is impacted by a vehicle.

In order to achieve optimal breakaway characteristics, the bolt must be installed in the corner of the post that is farthest from the direction that traffic is flowing. Only one corner bolt is necessary, however, two may be used so long as they are both in the same corner of the post.

Installation of a corner bolt Y3535 on square post
Corner bolt with jam nut on square post
Corner bolt securing anchor post to sign post



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